Create a sound mobile acquisition strategy for lead generation success

By Shahnaz MahmudJanuary 28, 2015

We all know that mobile’s ubiquity means that’s where customer acquisition will, well, lead to, in the lead generation space. But creating such an acquisition strategy for the smartphone is still proving tricky.

Mobile will be discussed at the upcoming LeadsCon Las Vegas conference in March 2015. The event agenda offers many opportunities to dissect the space, but here are five helpful tips to keep in mind.

Your mobile campaigns must strive for consumer action, downloads, sales and of course, leads, otherwise, they are pretty much a lost cause. And if there’s one thing that should remain on your mind as you are devising these campaigns is to keep ‘em simple. Consumers want easy-to-process and very specific information when deciding what and whether to buy. That actually introduces our first tip:

Use the 'less is more approach' for your landing pages

As Jack Li, senior mobile account manager at TapSense, has said: Avoid the clutter and create a clear call-to-action. Confusion or hesitation means a lost opportunity install or sale.

Filling out those required forms doesn’t disappear with mobile. In fact, it makes things all that more difficult because of the small size of their screens. Don’t make it a point of frustration for your potential customer.

Progressive profiling forms is the way to go

Trent Dyrsmid, founder at Groove Digital Marketing, has suggested:

“Progressive profiling forms allow you to fill out fields automatically with information the user provided during their last visit. This reduces the number of fields you need to display during each visit and limits the amount of information that you’re collecting at any one time. Fewer fields lead to higher mobile conversions.”

Customer loyalty programs are well-suited to mobile. Why? For one thing, they allow consumers to be cardless since the handheld device can be used as the actual loyalty card. That’s good for them. And it’s good for you as the marketer because you can see quite easily the behavior patterns of your customers. It’s the third tip:

Customer loyalty just got bigger

Dyrsmid points out that location-based hardware allows you to offer promotions that are tied to the physical location of your store. For example, whenever a customer comes into your store, a coupon or discount code could immediately appear. “You can gather even more customer loyalty by offering immediate discounts when customers use their mobile phones to become Facebook fans or join your SMS text club,” he has stated.

If it isn’t ingrained in your brain already, leverage your data. One of the main benefits is so that you can target your key demographics effectively. Yep, tip No. 4.

Target your demographics

Li has stressed that smartphone data actually provides more accurate information than cookie data found on desktops. “Marketers need to make sure they leverage all of this data so they can generate the most valuable leads,” says Li. “Generating tons of leads does not mean anything if there is no new revenue generated from those leads.”

That’s not all that should be targeted. While it’s a good idea to work with as many publishers you can, what results is your ability to monitor metrics from each one. From there, you can decide which ones are the best fit. This is our final tip:

Zero in on the right publishers

Li has also noted that the data will allow you to see which publishers produce the strongest KPIs. “The capacity to understand your audience in real time is perhaps the most exciting development in mobile advertising,” he says. More is better, in terms of data, because you can make better judgment, which will translate into optimization.

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