Creative Places to Get Leads: 2 Ideas You Need to Try

By Jill KeglerSeptember 16, 2019

Why would you have to look in creative places to get leads? After all, lead providers are a great tool to have in your business growth toolbox. Every sales person needs a consistent input of leads into their funnel in order to build a successful customer base. However, you need a large number of incoming leads to gain customers; why is that?

The law of sales averages has historically hovered at a conversion rate of 2-3%. Additionally, most leads won’t respond to communication initiatives until you’ve reached out to them 6-7 times. Putting this into perspective: if you purchase 100 leads, after 600-700 contact attempts, you may acquire only 2-3 customers.

While lead providers will always be a valuable resource, you will need to consider some unique and creative places to get leads. Your goal is to gain new customers with less effort and that take a shorter time frame to close.

A famous sales quote attributed to many is, “All things being equal, people will buy from and refer people to those they know, like, and trust.”

You unknowingly interact with your best and easiest sales prospects every day. Take advantage of these creative places to get leads and grow your business. Here are two easy to implement, powerful little ideas to leverage your existing relationships and gain new clients.

  • Creative Places to Get Leads: Snail Mail

If you are like me, you get at least 5 emails a day asking to schedule a phone call, visit a website, hear a sales pitch, show me a way to be more efficient, reduce my expenses, ad nauseum. Throw in a few phone calls a day and all these sales attempts become very easy to ignore.

“Shift-Delete” have become my two favorite buttons on my keyboard. The worst part about my previous rant is that I’m a salesperson at heart! I sell lead management software, and I know I’m probably missing valuable offers. I’m not saying all electronic communication is worthless, but you should definitely augment your efforts with a little old-fashioned snail mail.

Handwriting a note to someone is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition. When you send a handwritten note, your prospects will be more likely to take notice when you send them an email in the future. The key is handwriting your notes! Don’t just type one out and sign your name. Additionally, these notes should not be “sales-y.” You want to craft them to be personal and memorable. Think about how you would feel if you got a note card sent to you with text similar to this:

Hi Bill,

It was a pleasure seeing you at the Chamber luncheon last week. It is pretty exciting to hear about the positive changes they are making in the community. I also enjoyed hearing about your family trip to the Grand Canyon. That sounded like an awesome time. Would love to grab a cup of coffee soon and catch up more.

All my best,


Would you be more willing to respond to a future email or phone call after receiving a note like this? Probably. I have actually received a thank you note back for sending a thank you! Another time, someone took a picture of my note and posted it on social media with a positive comment. Writing handwritten notes is easy and comes with a big payoff.

Here’s your goal: Aim to write 1 note a day. It doesn’t even need to be from a face-to-face interaction. It can simply be, I was thinking about you and wanted to reach out. Just make sure you are sincere.

  • Creative Places to Get Leads: Social Media

Social media is a blessing and a curse. It consumes so much of our day and can keep us from accomplishing our goals with the endless distractions it offers. “I’ll just watch one more video of this Golden Retriever trying different foods,” you say. All of the sudden an hour has passed by. Ugh! On the other hand, social media can be a great resource for new business if managed correctly.

One simple way to use social media to your advantage is to solidify your personal relationships with your contacts. Commenting “Happy Birthday!” on someone’s page is nice, but if you have their phone number, be brave and give them a call. You may have not spoken to your contact in a few months or years. What a great way to re-establish a connection. What’s the worse they can do? Say don’t call me and hang up? You would be shocked by the positive impression a phone call can make.

You can also tie social media and snail mail together. For example, a friend posts a comment that she is looking to buy a house. You are an insurance agent, and you know she’ll need insurance. Don’t simply respond with, “Congratulations, contact me when you need insurance” (and yes, I have seen this done). Instead, craft a note that’s more helpful and personal. Your handwritten note can read something like,

Dear Brenda,

I saw on Facebook/Linkedin/Twitter that you are buying a house, congratulations! That’s a big step. If you need any help or guidance on insurance, think of me. I’ve enclosed a guide on some FAQ’s that may help.

All my best,


Follow this up with an email and phone call shortly thereafter and gain a new customer.

For more ideas on high impact, low cost strategies to gain and retain customers, come see me at Connect to Convert at the Westin Boston Waterfront, September 25-27. I’ll be talking about these ideas and the success you’ll see when you embrace innovative strategies. Register Here!

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