Crush Ads Plans to ‘Crush It’ in the Performance Marketing Space

By Shahnaz MahmudJuly 24, 2014

“Crush it!” The urban slang may find meaning for Crush Ads, the performance-based marketing division of BMI Elite. Why? Well, it seems that the firm aims to “knock it out of the park” for its advertising clients. Crush Ads is very discerning, as it’s an apply-to-run only network, which means random affiliates can’t just pick up offers it houses, Meredith Yost, VP of BMI Elite tells LeadsCon. It also only sets up offers Crush Ads knows it can get distribution on. “We personally work with every publisher and affiliate to make sure that they understand the wants and needs of our advertisers,” says Yost. “This allows us to generate high-quality leads for the advertiser’s programs.”

When Crush Ads launched in 2010, the primary focus was email distribution. But starting in 2013, it has increased its distribution channels to include more display, mobile and co-registration leads.

Yost is a seasoned vet in the performance marketing arena – 10 years and counting, she tells us. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, she works alongside Brandon Rosen, CEO, and Dan Lansman, president, to manage and grow the business. BMI Elite is a full-service digital advertising agency. Yost’s duties also include running the Crush Ads network.

It’s a point of pride for her that performance marketing has evolved such that it’s no longer about quantity but quality. This, she says, is because as advertisers grow more knowledgeable about how to monetize their consumers and the different ways they can buy media, their focus naturally follows that path. “Our job at Crush is to try and provide them with both,” she adds.

Advertisers want more qualified leads

Moreover, Yost believes that the trend over the last couple of years for advertisers is that they want more qualified leads, so they are adding in targeting and validations to make sure that the traffic they are receiving is working for them. That’s the key to optimizing the campaigns.

And as it continues to evolve, Yost sizes up the biggest trend in the industry now: compliance. She believes all trends tied to performance marketing revolve around it, in fact. “With the increase in government regulations focused on Internet marketing, everyone has to make sure that they play by the rules – or they won’t be around for very long,” says Yost.

For her personally, Yost says the most exciting thing about the industry is the work she does directly for Crush Ads, in working with its agency team and proving to agency clients that performance marketing can work for them. “Some of the clients on the agency side typically only work on PPC or CPM email,” she explains. “We build out a lead-gen form for them and get them qualified leads on a CPA basis.”

Yost also finds satisfaction in a different way of going about her business. Much of her experience has been working with companies who own their own products. Now, she finds joy in starting up Crush Ads’ own offers and seeing them through the entire process. It’s a big focus in 2014 for the firm – to create some of its own unique products. Hand in hand with that is growing its agency of record business.

Yost’s parting pearls of wisdom? Research, research, research the companies you want to work with.

Crush Ads will be one of the exhibitors at LeadsCon NY 2014. The event will take place at the Marriott Marquis in New York City Aug. 14-15.

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