Datalot’s Josh Reznick on Looking at LeadsCon’s Bigger Picture

By aiwpadminAugust 21, 2015

By Shahnaz Mahmud

In looking at the bigger picture of LeadsCon — beyond simply being in front of new clients and getting the company's name out there — Josh Reznick, Founder and CEO of Datalot, says it’s a means for the industry to grasp what’s truly going on and anticipate for the future. This is not lost on Reznick, who created the company in 2009 predicting mobile’s impact on the industry.

Datalot is a four-time sponsor of the upcoming LeadsCon New York conference at The New York Hilton Midtown Aug. 24-26. The company, a leader in pay-per-call advertising, runs as a real-time auction marketplace for calls. Similar to buying Google AdWords, marketers are bidding for phone calls.

Mobile as the Next Big Thing
Datalot is a customer acquisition platform, but Reznick, a 15-year veteran in the lead generation space, goes as far as to also categorize Datalot as a mobile company. “One of the big changes that has happened in the past few years has been the rapid growth of mobile,” says Reznick. “That was something where when we started the business we kind of knew that mobile was going to be the next big thing. We thought maybe it was going to be next year, maybe in 5 years — no one really knew when that was going to happen, but we needed to prepare for this.”

The goal was to build something dependent on mobile to work. The expectation was that there was going to be a giant shift to mobile traffic in the next few years. Reznick points out that “obviously on mobile, a phone call is a much more native channel than desktop. So the assumption would be people are going to be having a conversation much faster while filling out the forms and so forth.”

And Datalot, according to Reznick, solves the “inefficiencies” problem by creating a single platform that manages both the different funnels associated with buying search ads and the forms that need to be filled out.

Since Datalot started attending LeadsCon, one of its main themes, particularly for the industries it serves, has been click leads. These have served as a proxy for getting a customer on the phone and talking to them. “The best possible product you can offer to an advertiser is as far down that process as possible,” Reznick points out. “If we can hand a qualified customer on the phone to a client — that’s the best option.” Over the past year or two, Datalot has started to see more people talking about that and more clients being open to it. The result? A growing competitive landscape.

The Anticipatory and Problem-Solving Factors
It’s the anticipatory and problem-solving factors Reznick might draw parallels to when it comes to LeadsCon. He finds the industry “collectively takes for granted” just how much advertisers (and potential clients) truly understand what is going on in the ever-evolving space. Reznick says LeadsCon has become the single best place to discuss the challenges currently facing marketers in this industry.

A few years ago, he says, marketers were dealing with affiliate fraud or spam email as primary challenges. But, with those thing having been addressed, Reznick sees new issues cropping up in the past year or two. And they are focused on proper call tracking, call-to-actions and tracking across channels.

The resonance is here — and moreover, these are issues everyone is facing, so the ability to hash them out on a large scale is key. “At LeadsCon, especially, it’s really great to see from the workshops to the panels [and] say, 'Oh look, everybody is doing and accomplishing very similar things … and that leads to being able to work together.'”

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