Demo Day’s Start Next Week!

By Michael FerreeSeptember 18, 2014

The Third Annual Demo Day's are going to get underway next week! What does this mean for you? It means that you are going to be able to see demonstrations of products that you might not have otherwised had the opportunity to see. Not only are you given the chance to view these demo's, but you can also do so without the risk of entering into the sales cycle for every demo you view.

That is right! Just because you have decided to register and view a demo, your contact information will not be shared with the companies demonstrating their product. We will leave it up to you to contact them if you are truly interested in their product!

The Demo Day's will be taking place over the next 30 days and each week we will have 2 to 3 companies presenting their products. Each company will be listed on this page and I encourage you to check back for late additions to the list.

Next week we are kicking off the Demo Day's with demonstration of the Sparkroom platform and Admobix. If you are an EDU lead buyer you will not want to miss out on the Sparkroom demo. They will be showing us an amazing tool that can help you manage and optimize your lead purchases. Admobix will be highlighting their innovative progrommatic Demand Side Platform. Both are going to be must see demonstrations.



September 22 – 2pm ET
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Sparkroom is the leader in higher education performance marketing. We provide fully transparent, analytics-based strategies so you can maximize your enrollment campaign efforts.

Sparkroom helps higher education marketing teams develop the most strategic, compliant campaigns to achieve highly optimized enrollment funnels. Using Sparkroom, enrollment marketers can:

    Identify the best performing sources to optimize media spend
    Automate processes based on propensity to convert
    Achieve the lowest cost per student
    Reduce overhead for the marketing team
    Reduce brand and compliance risk

For more information visit



Admobix – YOCTO

September 24 – 2pm ET
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Yocto allows you generate top quality leads from the vast amount of mobile and desktop traffic, at very low CPM rates, enabling you to optimize automatically against a CPA goal, without a need to constantly 'babysit' a campaign.   

Here are a few highlights of the Yocto platform:

1. Programmatic Bidding
Artificial intelligence algorithms drive toward your customizable campaign goals; from CPM to eCPA and every measurement rate in between.
2. Advanced Targeting
Display an ad to the person playing Candy Crush on a 3G network in your neighbors house after 9 p.m. on Wednesdays. Nuff said.
3. Brand Safety
Protect your brand by white-listing, blacklisting or categorically targeting your desired placements.
4. Complete Transparency
View performance of your campaigns by any metric. If the data is available to us, its available to you.
5. Real-time Granular Reporting
View any metric and dive as deep as the rabbit hole goes to reveal, or override, the decisions of our programmatic artificial intelligence.
6. 36 Billion Impressions / Day Globally
Were constantly adding traffic sources; this number is growing quickly!

Let us show you how Yocto can find your ideal customer, from the vast amount of traffic available on mobile and desktops.  Attend this webinar to receive a special bonus of $75 of free advertising with a $500 deposit.

We look forward to introducing you to YOCTO!



Upcoming Demo's:

Forensiq – September 29th – 2pm ET

LeadiD Marketplace – October 1st – 2pm ET

ClickPoint Software – October 2nd – 2pm ET

HigherEd Growth – October 8th – 2pm ET

Performline – October 13th – 2pm ET

Lashback – October 14th – 2pm ET

MakiskaOctober 15th – 2pm ET

Register for the demo's above here



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