Despite Recession, eZanga Enjoys ‘Fairly Fast’ Growth

By John EganJuly 28, 2015

While some businesses struggled mightily during the Great Recession, soared.

From 2008 through 2012, during the Great Recession’s peak and recovery, the search engine and digital marketing company appeared on the Inc. 500|5000 list of fastest-growing companies. eZanga, an exhibitor at the upcoming LeadsCon New York, debuted at No. 193 on the Inc. list. In 2012, its Inc. ranking was 4,786.

Rather than rest on its Inc. 500|5000 laurels, eZanga has kept advancing.

For instance, eZanga entered a partnership in 2014 with analytics giant comScore, which provides data to online marketers. Under the partnership, eZanga delivers traffic data from its advertising platform to users of comScore.

Also in 2014, eZanga became the first search engine to offer Bitcoin as a payment option for advertisers and affiliate marketers. When the deal was announced, Rich Kahn, co-founder and CEO of eZanga, called Bitcoin a “disruptive” technology that “looks promising.”

Following the Bitcoin announcement, eZanga launched new features for its AdPad advertising platform. For example, AdPad now offers negative keywords and exact keyword match to enable advertisers to better target and optimize their keywords.

“As our client base has grown, it became apparent that this is a feature our clients need, especially our premium clients. The need was there, so we built it,” Kahn said. “We like to say our platform is made for our clients, by our clients. So when they asked for it, we made it happen.”

Toward the end of 2014, eZanga rolled out the eighth edition of its Traffic Advisors Infinity software, aimed at preventing click fraud.

“This is the most intelligent version of Traffic Advisors that we’ve developed yet,” Kahn said. “We’re looking at significantly more data points, and our team has developed a self-learning algorithm to stay ahead of the curve. We have alert reports set up so our team can identify new threats that our software cannot and then eliminate them before they cause problems on our ad network.”

At eZanga, staying ahead of the curve is the name of the game.

“In the digital marketing world, if you don’t stay on top of changes and listen to client feedback, you risk falling behind,” Kahn said.

Now in its 12th year of business, eZanga isn’t at risk of falling behind in the ever-expanding digital marketing world.

Relying on $5,000 in personal savings, Kahn and his wife, Beth, established eZanga in 2003. Today, the company employs about 30 people.

As Rich Kahn explained to blogger Charlene Weisler, his Middletown, Delaware-based company studies Google Analytics data, comScore information and conversion metrics to help clients achieve their online goals.

“For example, a client wants to drive traffic to a specific landing page. This landing page generates sales, and eZanga uses analytics specific to their campaign goals. We’ll use that data to optimize their campaign based on what the analytics tell us,” Kahn told Weisler.

As far as optimizing eZanga itself, the Kahns have managed to grow the company “fairly fast” without accepting any venture capital.

“We were able to take the money that we were making and reinvest it back in the business,” Kahn told blogger Sramana Mitra. “That’s been a great thing for us as far as not having to take any venture funding. Basically, when we sit down at the board meeting, it’s my wife and myself. It’s the two of us making the decisions.”

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