Do Your Due Diligence on Duplicate Leads and Be Surprised

By aiwpadminJanuary 26, 2017

By Shahnaz Mahmud.   


In lead generation, duplicate leads are commonly regarded as bad for business. But if you take the time to understand why they are actually a benefit, you will alter your mindset.


The upcoming LeadsCon Las Vegas conference will have a session discussing this very topic: “Are Duplicate Leads a Bad Thing?” will be led by Darryl Mattox and Fred Frantz of Gragg Advertising.


Devorah Wolf on the AutoLeadStar blog breaks down what good and bad leads look like. Granted, it takes a good system to identify the duplicate leads and leave a strong trail of contact follow-up, but Wolf urges marketers not to “get rid of your duplicates, or ignore them, or let them fall to the bottom of your to-do list.”


She argues the case that duplicate leads are, in fact, your best leads.


A bad lead, according to Wolf, might be someone who doesn’t have good enough credit to make a major purchase, such as a car, or has already bought from your main competitor. “It makes sense to avoid wasting resources on a lead that has so little chance of closing,” she says.


A good lead? A duplicate, of course. But, why? “A duplicate is someone who has told you, twice, that they are interested in your dealership,” Wolf points out. “Considering how hard it is to get anyone to convert at all, this is a huge success.”


Velocify research supports the notion that duplicate leads are valuable: ”Our research found that leads that are flagged as duplicates convert at a 167 percent higher than average rate, regardless of how they have been handled after they have been flagged.” Further, the research finds that “the more times a lead is flagged as a duplicate, the more likely it is to convert.”


AutoLeadStar’s Wolf imparts wisdom in harnessing duplicate leads that while specific to automobile sales can be applied to many industries:


  1. Educate your staff on the importance of duplicate leads. Reframe the conversation so that these leads are considered ultra-qualified, hot leads.
  2. Find out why this person is a duplicate. Have they been called? Have their interests changed? How can you help them in their car buying process?
  3. Prioritize these leads. When someone converts for the second time, get them on the phone fast so you can bring them into your dealership. Capitalize on their obvious interest before they turn to your competitor. This lead will not be annoyed to hear from you. In fact, they will be annoyed if you don’t reach out immediately. They gave you their information twice. Don’t ignore them.


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