Driving it Home: Geometry’s Mary Pocsik on Which Media Fosters the Best ROI

By aiwpadminJanuary 14, 2016

by Kieran Kern.

What drives that spark of interest that motivates the consumer to not only want to learn more but converts that interest into a purchase? In some cases, where you deliver the message is more important than the content itself in fostering greater personal engagement. Geometry Global Media Executive Director Mary Pocsik helms the New York Media capability for the activation network. She is responsible for seamlessly bringing together planning and buying teams to meet and surpass client goals. Her department has optimized its traditional and digital media offering by integrating data and analytics.

Pocsik will be at LeadsCon Las Vegas as a panelist for “State of the Union: What’s Driving Lead Gen?” where she’ll share her expertise regarding which opportunities to maximize, the challenges in the landscape, growth areas, the best approaches and how consumer behavior is changing the outlook.

She recently took the time to answer a few questions about lead generation and which media drives the best return on a client’s investment.

What opportunities should marketers be maximizing?

Email marketing is underutilized compared with the returns. While it has a reputation for SPAM and clutter, its cost efficiency and ability to have a 1-to-1 engagement contribute to a strong open and response rate. It can be up to 20 times more efficient than traditional media. The inherent benefits are being able to engage existing customers as well as acquire customers and having the infinite ability to segment and test messages and creative. Email’s tracking mechanisms are the strongest across media tactics from landing page to conversion to lead or sale and ongoing CRM.

What are the emerging challenges?

Attribution – it is a challenge to know in the ecosystem of multimedia touch points what tactic gets the credit for driving a lead. Post-campaign modeling and attribution analysis are helpful, but as the data is modeled and not actual, the findings are more directional than absolute.

What are the areas of growth?

Traditional TV advertising is changing and poised for dramatic change over the next several years. With cable providers offering specific channels and bundles and consumers rejecting traditional TV subscriptions and viewing patterns, advertisers will be required to adopt different planning and buying models. The medium will continue to be powerful and critical to our media mixes. The way we buy ad messaging to consumers is shifting; addressable is interesting as a way to minimize waste, as is programmatic as a way to apply the efficiency typical of digital media to television buying. As these options are in their infancy, a test-and-learn approach is recommended.

What approaches do you feel get the job done best?

Geometry is focused on shopper marketing – media tactics designed to activate purchase during pre-shop, shop and post-shop of primarily consumer goods. Our most successful tactics have been those that invite the consumer to learn more and be financially motivated to purchase through discounts, savings and rebates. We have used shopper media apps whereas consumers download and take advantage of opportunities in-store to purchase our brands. Point-of-purchase opportunities have proved to be our strongest performers.

How is consumer behavior driving or stalling media purchases, viewability and transparency?

Consumer adoption and behavior informs everything in advertising. We are only going to succeed if we meet the needs of consumers at the time and place the message will resonate.  

The consumer backlash against media – especially digital – stems from their concerns about privacy and protection of their data and personal information. Ad blocking software and opt-out options benefit both consumers and advertisers. From the advertiser perspective, viewability requirements are important because without them, the advertiser is paying for wasted impressions.

Ultimately, transparency is critical to success. A baseline of trust is vital within the advertiser-consumer relationship.

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