Eight Elements of a Highly Converting Lead Generation Website

By Alex HarrisJuly 24, 2015

Your website can be a very powerful lead generation tool. But not all sites are created equal. The best are, of course, those that are able to fulfil their purpose and convert visitors into actual customers. Needless to say, creating a highly converting website is not as easy as it sounds. You don’t just take certain elements, put them together, and expect great results to come to you. Here are some of the elements your website must have to increase its lead generating and converting power:

1.   Great Copy
You can never go wrong with having a great copy in your website. Words are powerful and the right ones can encourage conversions. Use words that connote action—words like “get” and “have” are great examples. When forming your sentences, use the active voice more than the passive voice as the former does a better job at invoking action.

2.     Good Visuals
Most people are visual so anything that pleases the eyes tends to be considered more favorably. Use this aspect of human nature to your advantage by creating a beautiful but functional website. Use a theme that is easy on the eyes even after an extended period of continuous viewing. Make sure your text is in a font style and color that can be read with minimal effort against your background of choice.

Incorporate photos and videos into your site. Provide photos of your products and if you can, your business. Aside from being attractive, photos also create a sense of transparency that potential customers admire. Videos are also proven effective at catching and holding site visitors’ attention. Adding them to your site pages increases your chances of converting prospective customers.

3.     Credibility
Placing trust seals—from antivirus to purchase guarantees—on your site make potential clients more willing to trust you and do business with you. Client reviews and testimonials have the same effect. Your leads will tend to trust the opinions of your past customers so showing them positive remarks can influence their decision to convert. If your business is in the industrial sector, you can post certifications proving your compliance with industry standards. If your brand has garnered awards or recognitions in the past, making them visible in your website can further boost your credibility.

4.     Convenience
Today’s consumers place great value on speed and convenience. The faster and easier your site can take them from one end of the conversion funnel to the other, the better. Avoid unnecessary additions to your site that can distract prospects and hinder them from converting. Simplicity is almost always ideal in this case.

5.     Customized Calls-to-Action
A call-to-action is a vital component of your copy as it directly communicates what you want your site’s visitors to do. Do you want them to sign up, to make a purchase, leave their email address, or subscribe to your newsletter? Say so in your call-to-action. That said, effective calls-to-action are customized to reflect your intention. You can make them even more personalized by using dynamic tools that communicate to your customers using their name.

6.     Contact Details
Your business address, telephone and fax numbers, and email address all serve important functions. They allow consumers to reach out to you for enquiries, quotes, recommendations, and orders. Each thread of communication is an opportunity for you to engage your prospects, build a relationship with them, and influence them into converting. Your courtesy, your ability to answer their queries, and your attention to their requirements can have an impact on their decision. For this reason, always make your contact details visible in your site.

7.     Nurturing Power
Once your prospect has signed up for your site, nurture the lead by sending them follow up communication. You can start with a thank you email and then follow through with emails offering useful content. You can ask for information from them to get to know them better. This is crucial to building a relationship with your prospects.

8.     Testing
A single approach does not work on everyone. Maximize results by testing different approaches and using the one that yields the best outcomes. Testing takes away the guessing and gives you objective, measurable proof of the site’s effectiveness as a generator of leads.

High conversion rates are not achieved overnight. If you want your site to perform as well as the best, you have to ensure that all the necessary elements are in place. Only then will you earn the lead generation advantages that only an adequately optimized website can deliver.

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