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August 14 & 15, 2014
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LeadsCon Marketplace
The Future of Lead Generation is Mobile
By Revi Media
The Future of Lead Generation is Mobile Mobile has become the absolute dominant channel in online advertising. Most brands and companies have by now realized that mobile is the way to go, and are building beautiful mobile sites. However, many... Read more… 

Webinar 2pm ET 7/16: An Analytics-Based Approach to SEO Best Practices & Website Strategy
By Sparkroom
Register to hear Oral Seymour, SEO strategist at Sparkroom, discuss how an analytics-based approach to search engine optimization (SEO) can boost your overall marketing campaign performance. Learn what SEO is and how it affects the ROI of your campaign. Understand... Read more… 

Email Marketing: The New Best Practices
By Sparkroom
With the growing use of mobile and tablet technology, as well as the increasing variety of email clients, the rules that applied to email marketing in years past no longer apply today. To help you adapt to changing platforms and... Read more… 

The Impact of Distance on Inquiry Generation Campaigns: How Custom Geo-Targeting Can Produce Efficiencies
By Sparkroom
The Impact of Distance on Inquiry Generation Campaigns: How Custom Geo-Targeting Can Produce Efficiencies  demonstrates how custom-tailored geo-targeting approaches can optimize conversions, conversion rates and cost per conversion. The whitepaper includes data analysis and geo-targeting scenarios for a variety of... Read more… 

Sparkroom 2013 Year in Review
By Sparkroom
The 2013 year-end industry review explores key trends that shape inquiry and student acquisition outcomes for schools, focusing on the following areas: Volume Cost per inquiry (CPI) Inquiry conversion rates Program share of volume The intention is to present volume... Read more… 

3 Steps for Blocking Bot-Generated Leads
By Jay Pinkert
It’s a shocking statistic. According to Interactive Advertising Bureau estimates, 36 percent of all Web traffic is fraudulent, and bots are the chief culprits. And as marketing dollars continue to pour into digital media, it’s an epidemic that could get much worse. A bot is malicious software programmed to mimic human online behavior on a […] Read more… 

Is Uber the Ultimate Lead Generation Platform?
By John Egan
Uber is an upstart that’s upsetting transportation regulators and traditional taxi operators alike around the US and around the world. This upstart very well could be the world’s most scrutinized lead generation platform. The Uber app pairs paying passengers with independent for-hire drivers in cities such as Beijing, Denver, San Francisco, Tokyo and Toronto. Not surprisingly, […] Read more… 

How Lead Generation Can Survive ObamaCare
By Michael Orefice
The open enrollment period for the Federal health care program or Obamacare is only weeks away and will present numerous challenges for the health insurance lead ecosystem and the entire lead generation industry as a whole.  While this open enrollment is technically the second ‘open enrollment’ period, it will be more massive and impactful than […] Read more… 

Why Marketers are Spending Less on Search and More on Performance display
By Michael Foster
The only constant in online advertising is change, and this can be seen in search engine marketing these days, where prices are rising too fast for some marketers, particularly those looking to buy and sell leads. With important keywords getting pricier and pricier, some lead generators are saying “enough” and looking for alternatives to Google. […] Read more… 
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Event Highlights

Featured Speaker Interview: The Value of Testing in Online Prospecting

Want to get the most out of your online prospecting and data collection initiatives? Test, test—and then test again.

“Everything should be decided by metrics and constantly questioned,” says David Rodnitzky, CEO of the San Mateo, CA-based digital marketing agency 3QDigital, which works with a variety of clients including FaceBook, SurveyMonkey, EventBrite, Wine.com and Warby Parker.

Rodnitzky will moderate the session “Buyers and Sellers on Maximizing Lead Conversion: Best Practices for Measuring, Qualifying and Attributing Leads” at LeadsCon New York, August 14-15 at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square.

The number one mistake that Rodnitzky sees over and over again is marketers not taking the time to test. This could of course be because they don’t have the internal resources or time to make it happen, but it is worth the effort. Click here to read the full interview.

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