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LeadsCon Marketplace
TCPA Violations Just Became More Costly
By Performline
Did you know that Connecticut just passed a state law that significantly increases penalties for TCPA type violations? The law, signed by Governor Malloy, basically replicates the language of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act with one huge difference: instead of... Read more… 

Firm Scours Up Students
By HigherEd Growth
By Georgann Yara for The Arizona Business Gazette | azcentral.com When Frank Healy and his friends yearned to start their own company, they found themselves, in a matter of speaking, headed back to school. But instead of getting stuck with... Read more… 

How To Reduce Ad Fraud With Lead Verification And Scoring
By Revi Media
Overall media spending has increased over the last couple of years, with new digital channels promising advertisers to connect to new core audiences. However, as digital marketing budgets increase, a large amount of revenues is lost due to rampant fraud.... Read more… 

CASL – An Overview of What You Need to Know
By Performline
Canada’s new Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) was enacted in December 2010, and is slated to go into force in July 2014. A part of Canada’s Strategy for the Digital Economy, the Act is intended to promote e-commerce by deterring spam, identity... Read more… 

Online Degree Courses Lose Momentum
By HigherEd Growth
As technology evolves, colleges and universities have found the need to adapt to an ever-changing environment over the past decade. Some changes have been more gradual, such as the incorporation (and removal) of degree programs in order to accommodate an... Read more… 

Lead Generation Considerations: CFPB Theories of Recovery and Mitigating Factors
By Richard Newman
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB” or “Bureau”) continues to aggressively serve Civil Investigative Demands (“CIDs”) upon lead generators operating within verticals that implicate federal consumer financial laws.  What follows is intended to briefly address multiple theories of recovery that the CFPB could potentially pursue and mitigating factors that the Bureau typically considers. Generally speaking, […] Read more… 

7 Ways Web Design Can Kill Lead Generation (With Conversion Rates)
By Aaron Opfell
A high converting offer is a little like a cake- it takes just one missing ingredient to fall flat. There are two components to a internet Lead Generation campaign that are critical to delivering a positive ROI to the advertiser. The first is a strategic media buying strategy, which can be highly expensive in today’s […] Read more… 

Broken Aereo
By Sean P. Fenlon
I first learned of the Aereo business during a VIP tradeshow dinner at LeadsCon Las Vegas 2013. I remember the conversation vividly. The topic was around the long-rumored Apple iTV. I was arguing that Apple should acquire Netflix and Slingbox with their hoards of cash in order to jumpstart a truly disruptive initiative around TV-viewing. […] Read more… 

The Demise of Data Leads
By Michael Orefice
There is an emerging trend in the lead industry that most lead companies are afraid to discuss because it has the potential to turn the entire industry on its head.  Just obtaining a simple real time data lead, with basic information such as phone number and email address, is no longer enough for a majority […] Read more… 
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Event Highlights

Session Feature at LeadsCon: Call Marketing - Keys to Engagement and Conversion

Is call monetization reaching a tipping point? According to recent findings by BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor survey, calls were the highest rated source of leads by SMBs, with 66% of survey respondents rating them as a good or excellent lead source. Add to this the uptick in use of click-to-call in media and consumers comfort level with using it to connect directly to a call center or sales associate. So how do you ramp up your inbound marketing efforts and make it easy for consumers to call you? How do you build trust, answer their questions, and convert those calls effectively? Where do you incorporate inbound call automation and quick response times so you can reach high-intent callers? Join us as we share industry research, best practices for call analytics and strategies for gaining insight that lets you optimize your efforts. View the Full Conference Program.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Tune into stats based on call research to help you get to better conversion
  • Discover best practices for increasing ROI across channels with trackable phone numbers
  • Dive into best practices for steering clear of low-quality call/regulatory action
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