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Blog: The One Approach You Need to Drive New Leads
By LeadiD
When LinkedIn’s user base was still in the single digit millions, the company had just one metric in focus: profile views. And when Twitter was looking to grow its user base to 100 million monthly active users, it similarly had... Read more… 

Customer Testimonial Video: Michele Peterson, Urban Science
By LeadiD
http://www.leadid.com/videos/michele-peterson-urban-science Read more… 

eBook: Digital Marketing to the 12 Types of Millennials
By LeadiD
Millennials are a mystery to many marketers. Try as they might, marketers are having a difficult time pinning down just what makes this group tick. This ebook outlines 12 types of millennials and offers tips on marketing within specific verticals, such... Read more… 

Webinar: Ensuring Insurance Sales: How to Identify, Qualify, and Contact the Best Leads
By LeadiD
Insurance carriers and their agents know that qualified prospects are out there, but at times, they can seem like needles in a haystack. The best companies use a combination of data, service, and technology to to identify and qualify the... Read more… 

What You Need to Know About the Mobile Consumer
By LeadiD
Do you offer prospects a mobile-optimized experience? Look around the next time you are at a restaurant, in a park or on public transit. Glance at any bus stop. Check out people waiting in line to get into a restaurant.... Read more… 

Why affiliate call fraud matters
By Michael Ferree
There is a new threat to marketers and lead generation firms, and it looks a lot like some old enemies. That threat is affiliate call fraud, and it’s quickly becoming a nuisance to legitimate marketing campaigns. The threat emerged after pay-per-call became a currency for marketing campaigns in which lead generators began paying per call, […] Read more… 

Some tips for lead generation on LinkedIn
By Michael Ferree
Anyone who has a job no doubt has heard of LinkedIn. This social network for professionals has been around since the halcyon days of 2002, a time of big fat Greek weddings and, uh, Michelle Branch songs. Of course, a social network doesn’t become ubiquitous in any field without it being useful. LinkedIn is a […] Read more… 

Content that tells a story can be king in lead gen efforts
By Michael Ferree
Brand storytelling is certainly nothing new to the marketing world but as we roll into 2015, it is moving in some new and interesting directions, particularly when it comes to lead generation. The consumer today is smarter than ever – more informed, more skeptical, more influenced by the online content they are reading and, as […] Read more… 

By Beau Bratton
In the 12th century, Sultan Nur-ed-din constructed the first pigeon lofts in Egypt. Pigeons were used to carry messages to cities far and wide. There was a race going on, so it was vitally important that crucial information arrived at its destination before something bad happened, and heck let’s face it, it’s a lot easier […] Read more… 
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