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What You Need to Know About the Mobile Consumer
By LeadiD
Do you offer prospects a mobile-optimized experience? Look around the next time you are at a restaurant, in a park or on public transit. Glance at any bus stop. Check out people waiting in line to get into a restaurant.... Read more… 

4 Effective Ways to Contact Sales Prospects
By LeadiD
When an in-person meeting with a prospect is either impossible or impractical, salespeople have four main options for contacting prospects: email, phone, text, and good old snail mail (US mail is actually making a comeback because no one gets paper... Read more… 

Bots, Breaches, and Brilliance: 2014 in Review
By LeadiD
This was the year digital marketing got serious about fraud, big data analytics and compliance. Check out some of our content favorites of 2014, from LeadiD and around the web.  Read the full post >>  Read more… 

PerformanceIN.com – Inside the Boardroom US: Todd Eicher, CEO of Sparkroom
By Sparkroom
Part of the INside the Boardroom series from PerformanceIN, Todd Eicher, CEO of Sparkroom, presents a lesson from the U.S. higher education industry and reminds performance marketers to: Pay attention Be more transparent Use data to your benefit Embrace multiple... Read more… 

2014 Year in Review
By Sparkroom
Throughout the year, Sparkroom publishes valuable tips and information related to performance marketing and the higher education industry. You can find a list of most everything we've published this year on the Sparkroom blog. Read more… 

Mortgage vet Dale Vermillion to lead keynote on acquisition, sales and service
By Michael Ferree
Can you hear that? It’s the clock ticking. LeadsCon Las Vegas 2015 is less than two months away and, well, it's going to be pretty awesome. In addition to all of the world-class exhibitors, useful workshops and, uh, all-you-can-eat lobster buffets, there are also a handful of creatively curated keynote speeches. One of the most […] Read more… 

LeadsCon Live: All Things Mortgage, w/ Dale Vermillion
By Michael Ferree
Read more… 

Content for lead gen: The more personal, the better
By Michael Ferree
We all know that content remains king with any successful online strategy, but it’s what you’re doing with that content that separates success from merely more time spent on the marketing treadmill. When it comes to successful content, the kind that helps generate and cultivate leads, it’s about crafting the right content — content that […] Read more… 

Expanding Client Relationships Beyond Leads
By Frank Healy
Here’s the scenario: your company has been working with a client for years, providing quality leads and producing amazing results. The relationship is rock solid, and you see the opportunity to expand your service offerings to drive additional results. How do you ask the question? For Higher Ed Growth, we have had great success expanding […] Read more… 
LeadsCouncil members are a group of people with a passion for the Lead Generation industry and seeing it continually improve. Our members are lead buyers, lead sellers, or service providers to the lead ecosystem. To become a member of the LeadsCouncil you should be willing to share your passion for the industry with the group. You may have a specific expertise in your area, but most importantly you have the desire to improve the lead generation space and want to participate. In fact, you probably are already thinking of ways you can help the group and the lead generation industry.

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Event Highlights

LeadsCon Las Vegas Is Just 6 Weeks Away!

Featured Session: Global Brands and Local Lead Gen Challenges
Performance marketing tactics like pay-per-call (PPC) are becoming more and more popular for lead gen marketers. Unfortunately, that means that PPC fraud is becoming more prevalent as well. Industry experts will discuss the growing problem during “The New Elephant in the Room: Affiliate Call Fraud” session at LeadsCon Las Vegas.

“With any time of performance-based marketing, where commissions are paid, there will be fraud—it’s an unfortunate reality,” laments Mike Williams, VP of Marketing and Operations at Ring Partner, a panelist at the session. Click here to read the entire interview with Mike. View the Full Conference Program.

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