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6 Tips for Scaling Social Media Promotion With a One-Person Team
By wpickett
Creating and maintaining a presence for your brand on social media can be a 24/7 job for an entire team of people. But what happens when you're on a content team of one? How do you find time to dedicate to social media without neglecting your other responsibilities? That's the position I've found myself in. […] Read more… 
5 Design Tactics to Boost Your Website Conversion Rate
By wpickett
Conversion rate… the mantra of marketers and entrepreneurs worldwide. We would do anything to obtain a higher conversion rate (convert more of our visitors into customers). So, there you have it: great design, which contains the right elements arranged in the right order on the page, drives more conversion than all the marketing tricks which […] Read more… 

Google Analytics Best Practices for Effective Web Tracking
By Frank Healy
As a digital marketer, you probably already know the importance of measuring and understanding the performance of your online media. Tracking plays an important role in the success of your programs and can provide a significant amount of insight into what is working well and what could be improved. Google Analytics is one of the […] Read more… 

10 Small Business Secrets Including Retargeting and More
By wpickett
Every business is different, and thus requires different tools and strategies to grow. So you need to find the best methods for your own business. For that reason, we’ve gathered a variety of different tips from around the small business community, from retargeting to growing your email list. Find the ones that are right for […] Read more… 

3 Steps to Connect with Your Mobile Audience
By wpickett
Call it the proximity principle or the law of attraction: People tend to form strong bonds with the people-and the things-that are closest to them. That's why mobile has always represented such an incredible opportunity for marketers: Your customers are already strongly attached to the devices they're carrying in their bags, pockets, and hands-and by… […] Read more… 
LeadsCon Marketplace
By ALLPRO Direct Marketing
 5 Best Practices for Multichannel Marketing                        Read more… 

Sparkroom September 2015 Newsletter: Inquiry Volume Declines Slow Down
By Sparkroom
The Sparkroom September 2015 newsletter was sent to all of our newsletter subscribers on 9/23. This month's issue includes the following content: (Just Released) The Sparkroom Q2 2015 Higher Education Inquiry Generation Review: Slower Inquiry Volume Declines LeadsCouncil 2015 EDU... Read more… 

Sparkroom Q2 2015 Higher Education Inquiry Generation Review
By Sparkroom
The Sparkroom Q2 2015 Higher Education Inquiry Generation Review provides detailed analysis of inquiry volume, conversion rates, media channel trends, program-specific trends and degree-level distribution. Inquiry volume declined by just over 13% during Q2 2015, a continuation of the trend... Read more… 

Sparkroom August Newsletter: Tracking 100 Leads for 90 Days
By Sparkroom
In this issue: Evaluating the Lifecycle of a Student Inquiry (Whitepaper) Saved by the Ring with Free Mobile Campaign Setup (Promotion) Want a FREE Month of Social Media Monitoring? (Promotion) Other Important Stuff Read the full August issue of the... Read more… 

Sparkroom Case Study: Custom Geo-Targeting
By Sparkroom
A school with 13 campuses was using a typical geographic approach: targeting based on a standard mile radius around each campus. Though common and simple to set up, it was not delivering optimal results, so they turned to Sparkroom for... Read more… 

LeadsCouncil members are a group of people with a passion for the Lead Generation industry and seeing it continually improve. Our members are lead buyers, lead sellers, or service providers to the lead ecosystem. To become a member of the LeadsCouncil you should be willing to share your passion for the industry with the group. You may have a specific expertise in your area, but most importantly you have the desire to improve the lead generation space and want to participate. In fact, you probably are already thinking of ways you can help the group and the lead generation industry.

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Event Highlights

LeadsCon Room Block Filling Up Already:Venetian
Rooms at The Venetian Resort & Casino are filling up quickly. Click here to lock in our special group rate of just $174/per night before they sell out by. While booking, please keep in mind that our show date pattern has changed to Tuesday, March 15 – Thursday, March 17).

facebook-logoFull Conference Program Coming After Thanksgiving – Here’s One Of The Many Great Sessions  We’ve Confirmed:
Facebook Lookalike Targeting: Optimizing for Lead Generation & ROI
What’s the best type of targeting to run profitable Facebook lead-gen campaigns at scale? While Facebook offers thousands of hyper-targeting combinations, it’s easy to target too narrowly which hurts scale. The Lookalike model, available to all advertisers, solves this problem. Advertisers can cut their own CRM data into hyper-targeted segments based on LTV, and then match those specific users with people on Facebook. The lookalike model then ‘magnifies’ this seed and constructs a similar audience many millions of people in size. We’ll walk through how to most effectively use this, specifically for generating profitable leads in conjunction with the FB pixel and various bidding mechanisms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dive under-the-hood and understand the power of the lookalike model for lead-gen
  • Learn how to choose appropriate ‘seed’ data to optimize the power of FB Lookalike Models
  • Hear best practices to combine lookalike targeting with various bidding algorithms


  • Marc Kelechava, Facebook
  • Maria Claudio, Facebook

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