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LeadsCon Las Vegas
March 5-7, 2018
The Paris
LeadsCon Presents:
Connect to Convert

August 21-23, 2017
The New York Hilton
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Event Highlights
Secure Super Early Bird
Pricing In New York City!

Save nearly 35% off the onsite pricing for Connect to Convert ($795 versus $1195). LeadsCon Presents: Connect to Convert will focus exclusively on sales performance and growth strategies. Be sure to stay tuned in the coming weeks for many exciting updates on Connect to Convert, including a brand-new website. Register Today!

LeadsCon LIVE Is Back! Here Is The First Of The Latest Interviews From Las Vegas:

In Las Vegas a few weeks ago at LeadsCon, we had the unique opportunity to interview many of the top names from within the lead gen industry. They shared their valuable industry insights, as well as what we can expect to see in the future, and we look forward to sharing these videos with the LeadsCon Community throughout this month. Here is the first LeadsCon LIVE interview with host Michael Ferree as he speaks with Joey Liner, President of DoublePositive and recipient of this year's LeadsCouncil Executive of the Year Award.

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Industry Wire
A Beginner's Guide to Lead Generation
First things first - we need to understand the difference between generating traffic and generating leads. Let's begin with the former. Traffic generation is all about your top of the funnel (ToFu) content marketing efforts. That is to say, it…Read More »

LinkedIn to Offer Retargeting, Email Targeting Later this Year
B2B marketers will soon have a new best friend in LinkedIn, as the professional social network is set to launch a number of powerful new ad targeting options later this year. A presentation obtained by Marketing Land indicates that in…Read More »

Content Marketing and Customer Acquisition: How to Calculate Your CAC, CLV, and ROI
A series of weekly videos shared on Facebook generated 15 new customers for you over the course of a month. Pop quiz: is that result worth the effort you put into it? There's no way of knowing: You need to…Read More »
LeadsCon Marketplace
Amazon Connect is a Cloud-Based Call Center You Can Launch 'Within Minutes'
On Tuesday, Amazon launched Amazon Connect, a new cloud-based contact center service that could make it easier and faster for a company to deploy a scalable call center. According to a press release announcing Connect, it is based on the…Read More »

5 Things That Don't Belong in Your Lead Scoring Model
If you have a marketing automation solution in place, you’ve probably enabled lead scoring as a key element in the early stages of your lead management process. Research has shown that that lead scoring can improve everything from productivity to…Read More »
How AI is Changing the Future of Customer Acquisition
Digital is such an ingrained part of our world that it can be difficult to remember how young-and therefore still evolving-it is. Ten years ago, you could pull easily available data directly from Google, find some relevant keywords at a…Read More »
Member Spotlight - eZanga

eZanga, a Platinum LeadsCouncil member announced today Anura, a new division of the company, founded on a licensable solution that increases the percentage of ads viewed by real people, and, in return, increases accuracy and conversion rates.

Click here for more information!

2017 Lead Gen Standards Guide

We are excited to announce the release of the highly anticipated 2017 Lead Generation Standards Guide. This document has been painstakingly developed through research and analysis to provide a comprehensive standard for all Lead Generators and Lead Buyers to follow.

To find out more, please click on this link.

If you have any questions about LeadsCouncil, feel free to contact us at info@leadscouncil.com

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