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Everything is Becoming More Like Lead Generation
By Atul Patel
Lead generation is the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. That’s what Wikipedia tells me. Since my days at Countrywide Financial, where I spent 4 years of my career reporting and analyzing marketing data, lead generation has become synonymous with specific verticals like home and student loans, education, car buying, […] Read more… 
Technology and the Changing Education Landscape
By Frank Healy
In 1965, Gordon Moore, Intel’s co-founder, predicted the exponential growth of technology will double every 18 months. While rapid changes are redefining the metrics for education and the lead generation industry, advances in technology are also transforming curriculum, learning and teaching.  Let’s take a look at four game-changing innovations that will affect the future of […] Read more… 

Getting the Biggest Bang For Your Buck: Social Media Offers the Greatest Targeting Abilities
By Lauren Alexander
The main reason many companies are active in social media is because of the fact that “everyone else is doing it.” Their social media strategies consist of anything from creating a brand, a community voice, interacting with consumers, and of course, generating likes, shares, and other social dialogue. The result is often a massive amount […] Read more… 

Three Call Tracking Myths Debunked
By Samantha Karam
We’ve all heard of the Discovery Channel show MythBusters, right? In the show, Jamie, Adam and the rest of their crew put age-old myths to the test and either confirm or deny (bust) them. Unfortunately, they haven’t ever done a call tracking segment, so I decided to write this post instead. Just because I don’t […] Read more… 

LeadsCon Live: Keith Luedeman, Good Mortgage
By Michael Ferree
In this epsiode of LeadsCon Live we get the chance to speak with Keith Luedeman of Good Mortgage. As I always say, it's great to sit down with a lead buyer and get their perspective on the industry. Listen in and I am sure you will feel the same.   Read more… 
LeadsCon Marketplace
Segment by levels of customer engagement, then target your most loyal customers
By ALLPRO Direct Marketing
      Segment by levels of customer engagement, then target your most loyal customers     Read more… 

The Great Debate: Direct Mail vs. Email
By ALLPRO Direct Marketing
Comparing the Pros and Cons and How to use Both to Get the Biggest ROI. Read more… 

Is your Marketing proven to reach individual customers with messages tailored to their unique interests?
By ALLPRO Direct Marketing
Read more… 

Bringing Customers Full Circle
By ALLPRO Direct Marketing
Real Mail is the Real Deal Read more… 

Personalization via email is effective, but 40% of consumers buy more from retailers who personalize across all channels, including print.
By ALLPRO Direct Marketing
Read more… 
LeadsCouncil members are a group of people with a passion for the Lead Generation industry and seeing it continually improve. Our members are lead buyers, lead sellers, or service providers to the lead ecosystem. To become a member of the LeadsCouncil you should be willing to share your passion for the industry with the group. You may have a specific expertise in your area, but most importantly you have the desire to improve the lead generation space and want to participate. In fact, you probably are already thinking of ways you can help the group and the lead generation industry.

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