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Three Things You’ll Find in Both Marketing and Yoga
By Samantha Karam
I know, I know. You’re sick of hearing about the yoga studios popping up on every corner there’s a Starbucks. But as marketers, it’s hard for us to ignore growing trends. In fact, I’ve actually started to notice that marketing and yoga have a few things in common. What characteristics could those possibly be, you […] Read more… 
Attribution Tips for Cross-Screen Leads
By CJ Arseneau
In many ways, all leads today are cross-screen leads, which makes it that much more important to know from which initiative a lead was derived. Was the lead generated by an online display or mobile search ad? Was it an in-app ad or a promoted tweet? Attribution is important because it helps marketers identify the […] Read more… 

How will Smartphone Growth Change Lead Generation?
By John Egan
If it seems to you that mobile marketing is taking over the world, you’re not far off. In 2014, a little less than one-fourth of the people in the world are using smartphones, according to eMarketer. By 2017, that figure will jump to one-third, eMarketer predicts. Leaders in smartphone adoption include South Korea, Australia, Japan, China […] Read more… 

Everything is Becoming More Like Lead Generation
By Atul Patel
Lead generation is the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. That’s what Wikipedia tells me. Since my days at Countrywide Financial, where I spent 4 years of my career reporting and analyzing marketing data, lead generation has become synonymous with specific verticals like home and student loans, education, car buying, […] Read more… 

Technology and the Changing Education Landscape
By Frank Healy
In 1965, Gordon Moore, Intel’s co-founder, predicted the exponential growth of technology will double every 18 months. While rapid changes are redefining the metrics for education and the lead generation industry, advances in technology are also transforming curriculum, learning and teaching.  Let’s take a look at four game-changing innovations that will affect the future of […] Read more… 
LeadsCon Marketplace
Segment by levels of customer engagement, then target your most loyal customers
By ALLPRO Direct Marketing
      Segment by levels of customer engagement, then target your most loyal customers     Read more… 

The Great Debate: Direct Mail vs. Email
By ALLPRO Direct Marketing
Comparing the Pros and Cons and How to use Both to Get the Biggest ROI. Read more… 

Is your Marketing proven to reach individual customers with messages tailored to their unique interests?
By ALLPRO Direct Marketing
Read more… 

Bringing Customers Full Circle
By ALLPRO Direct Marketing
Real Mail is the Real Deal Read more… 

Personalization via email is effective, but 40% of consumers buy more from retailers who personalize across all channels, including print.
By ALLPRO Direct Marketing
Read more… 
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LeadsCon Full Conference Program Released
After many months are hard work and preparation, our Full Conference Program has taken shape and is now available to view. Check out all of the powerful content that you can't afford to miss this August in New York at LeadsCon.

New Cutting Edge Topics Include:

  • How To Utilize Offline Channels to Cost-Effectively Generate Quality Leads
  • Attract, Engage, Reward: Baiting the Hook to Inspire Action
  • Subscription Marketing: More Than Just a Fad?
  • Social Media Advertising: How To Drive Quality & Quantity through Direct Response
  • Engaging the Closest Consumer: How to Unleash the Power of Local for Lead Generation

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