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7 Steps To Building Your First Lead Nurturing Campaign
By wpickett
So, you're ready to build your first lead nurturing campaign? Get excited – this is a huge step for your marketing. For those who aren't sure what you can get out of a lead nurturing campaign, let's explore all the need-to-know's of this extremely powerful marketing channel. What Is Lead Nurturing? Read More at Business […] Read more… 
Twitter’s Got It Right: Why CFOs Can Oversee Marketing
By wpickett
Much has been said and written in the marketing industry about Twitter's decision to have its CFO Anthony Noto, an alumnus of noted Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs, oversee the company's marketing organization. Bottom line: How can a left-brain numbers guy oversee a right-brain, creative marketing organization? Read More at Ad Age Read more… 

5 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation
By wpickett
Optimizing your website to generate leads is a no-brainer. But it's not as simple as throwing a "click here" button on your home page and watching the leads pour in. (Unfortunately.) Instead, marketers and designs need to take a more strategic approach. In this post, we'll go over some quick ways you can optimize your […] Read more… 

How to Achieve Positive Student Outcomes by Leveraging Big Data
By Frank Healy
Student outcomes have remained a topic of significance within the higher education industry in recent years. The benchmarks for success have shifted beyond graduation to metrics such as gainful employment and student loan repayment. Schools are being held accountable for student success, and the bottom line for students is now the bottom line for schools. […] Read more… 

How To Evaluate Lead Quality With Predictive Analytics
By wpickett
What are predictive analytics. What can they do for your marketing department and when should you consider a predictive analytics software solution. We excerpted this article from the highlights of an interview with Mick Hollison. During the interview, Trent and Mick discussed predictive analytics and how it works in marketing. Are you ready to learn […] Read more… 
LeadsCon Marketplace
Segment by levels of customer engagement, then target your most loyal customers
By ALLPRO Direct Marketing
      Segment by levels of customer engagement, then target your most loyal customers     Read more… 

The Great Debate: Direct Mail vs. Email
By ALLPRO Direct Marketing
Comparing the Pros and Cons and How to use Both to Get the Biggest ROI. Read more… 

Is your Marketing proven to reach individual customers with messages tailored to their unique interests?
By ALLPRO Direct Marketing
Read more… 

Bringing Customers Full Circle
By ALLPRO Direct Marketing
Real Mail is the Real Deal Read more… 

Personalization via email is effective, but 40% of consumers buy more from retailers who personalize across all channels, including print.
By ALLPRO Direct Marketing
Read more… 
LeadsCouncil members are a group of people with a passion for the Lead Generation industry and seeing it continually improve. Our members are lead buyers, lead sellers, or service providers to the lead ecosystem. To become a member of the LeadsCouncil you should be willing to share your passion for the industry with the group. You may have a specific expertise in your area, but most importantly you have the desire to improve the lead generation space and want to participate. In fact, you probably are already thinking of ways you can help the group and the lead generation industry.

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Path2Conversion Summit will premier this year @ LeadsCon New York. This pre-conference event will provide insights into new strategies and technologies for driving site traffic and conversions. We’ll dive into the practical takeaways that can lead to significant improvements. Register to join us for a full day of engaging insight, best practices, case studies and a look at where technology is taking digital marketers and consumers.

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Featured Session Spotlight
On the Bleeding Edge: Key Threats to Lead Quality in 2016 and What They Mean for Your Customer Acquisition Program

Twelve months ago, 15 percent of leads were more than 5 minutes old by the time they reached the lead buyer, 5 percent of sold leads were completed in less than 30 seconds, and at least 25 percent of leads were aggregated. Are these, and other major threats to lead quality, escalating or are they actually being addressed? What are the lead quality red flags you need to be aware of today? Join us as we examine leading indicators of the health of the lead ecosystem, and what these trends mean for lead sellers and buyers alike.

Key Takeaways:
• Learn about the biggest hidden lead quality issues that can lead to wasted marketing effort
• Determine which variables are vital to lead quality and applicable to your business
• Benchmark how your leads are performing. Are they better or worse quality than your competitors?


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