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LeadsCon Marketplace
178% sales gain - how prioritization can help you close more deals
By Velocify
Chances are your salespeople are switching between a zillion tasks each day as they strive to keep up with the pace of business. The daily cyclone of sorting through leads making calls scheduling tasks, and other stuff can take a... Read more… 

Winning Contact Strategies of High Performing Sales Teams
By Velocify
  Discover how high-performing inside sales teams are boosting revenue through winning, proven-to-convert contact strategies. This new Velocify study, “The Ultimate Contact Strategy: How to Best Use Phone and Email for Contact and Conversion Success,” analyzes the contact practices of more than 400... Read more… 

#1 sales mistake hurting your reputation
By Velocify
No response is the number one sales mistake made by most sales teams, according to a recent survey conducted jointly with Zogby Analytics and Velocify, more than half of interested prospects have experienced no response from a sales rep.  For more insights... Read more… 

The Future of Lead Generation is Mobile
By Revi Media
The Future of Lead Generation is Mobile Mobile has become the absolute dominant channel in online advertising. Most brands and companies have by now realized that mobile is the way to go, and are building beautiful mobile sites. However, many... Read more… 

Webinar 2pm ET 7/16: An Analytics-Based Approach to SEO Best Practices & Website Strategy
By Sparkroom
Register to hear Oral Seymour, SEO strategist at Sparkroom, discuss how an analytics-based approach to search engine optimization (SEO) can boost your overall marketing campaign performance. Learn what SEO is and how it affects the ROI of your campaign. Understand... Read more… 

3 Ways to Boost Your Customer Acquisition Strategies
By Lauren Alexander
Every company wants to find more customers. However, scaling your customer base is no easy task. The average person living in a city sees over 5,000 ad messages a day.¹ Now more than ever it is essential for companies to create the most compelling, attention-grabbing, and inspiring ads possible in order to compete. Using psychology, […] Read more… 

Why it Makes Sense to Encourage your Lead Clients to try the Competition – 4 Key Metrics to Measure
By Michael Orefice
On the surface of it, why would any business encourage their expensive and hard fought clients to test the competition’s products and services.  Why would a business encourage their clients to potentially leave?  Why would a business owner put their company under a microscope and be compared to their competition?  The simple answer is that […] Read more… 

Get Ready! Twice as Many Americans Will Buy ObamaCare Plans During Next Open Enrollment
By Jeff Smedsrud
The number of Americans who buy ObamaCare health insurance in the next Open Enrollment period will far surpass the eight million who enrolled in plans earlier this year. It is not unreasonable, in fact it is probably conservative, to expect that 12-16 million people will sign up for plans between November 15, 2014 and February […] Read more… 

SMS Marketing: Precision Messaging with Instant Reach
By Dan Gallagher
Is your phone within eyesight right now, within arm’s reach? Or maybe you’re reading this on your smartphone. If so, you’re one of the reasons that SMS marketing campaigns are increasing in popularity. On average, 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt. This nearly guarantees that your marketing message will be […] Read more… 
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Event Highlights

Featured Conference Session: Lead Gen, Part 2: Exploring New Models in Lead GenerationOpportunity through Technology

Many traditional lead-gen tactics and practices have propelled the performance marketing industry forward and continue to be a driving source of leads, while others have fallen by the wayside or morphed into something completely different. New models continue to emerge that take advantage of advances in technology, better infrastructure and more sophisticated consumer expectations. Marketing today means moving across channels and being omni-channel by having the right technologies in place to make a difference. In this session, we’ll explore the new models of lead gen, where things are trending and how you can take advantage of explosive growth in areas like mobile and video engagement, real-time connection and more. View the Full Conference Program.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Learn about on-demand, all-in-one finding and booking services
  • Understand why app-first/app-only approaches work for certain markets
  • Discover how retail and merchandise leads are evolving with video-chat sales and engagement
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