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Google: Paid Search Sees First Decline Since 2012
By Sparkroom
On Wednesday, Jennifer Howard, Education Industry Director at Google, presented the Google Education Search Analysis: Q2 in Review for 2014. These quarterly reviews provide valuable industry trends and grant listeners some insight and ideas as to where they can find... Read more… 

Enrollment Trends Indicate Future Computer Science and IT Growth
By Sparkroom
Recently The Chronicle of Higher Education’s blog posted information on a current hot topic: computer science education in the US. The blog’s author reviewed the percentage of bachelor’s degree graduates in the US that hold a degree in computer science... Read more… 

Combating A Congested Marketplace: How Paid Search Can Help You Stay On Top
By Sparkroom
As schools expand their geo-targets to reach more prospective students, higher education marketing is become increasingly competitive. In some markets, like the Boston metropolitan area where there are 60 higher ed institutions, the congestion can at timed feel overwhelming for... Read more… 

Marketplace Monitoring, Delivers Game-Changing Content Monitoring Technology for Credit Card Marketers
By Performline
First-of-its-Kind Automated Compliance Scoring Technology Monitors Multi-Card Directory Pages PerformLine, provider of the leading cloud-based marketing compliance platform for mitigating risk and ensuring brand safety, announced Marketplace Monitoring, a new scoring technology that performs content monitoring for credit card brands on... Read more… 

Sparkroom Marketing Services Announces 25% Growth in School Partner Roster
By Sparkroom
Almost 2.5 million inquiries per year managed through fully transparent Sparkroom PPI and PPC campaigns Sparkroom, the leader in higher education enrollment marketing, announces 25% growth since the start of 2014 for their Marketing Services line of business, which manages... Read more… 

For national brands, marketing begins on Main Street
By Editor
There’s a time-honored adage that says all politics is local. In today’s super-connected digital world, national brands are realizing that all marketing is local. Although coast-to-coast advertising is a powerful tool for creating awareness of a brand’s goods and services, national brands still must reach the consumer at the local level—because, quite simply, that’s where […] Read more… 

Datalot’s Josh Reznick dials up the pay-per-call marketplace
By Editor
“Pay-per” is the new black. We’ve got pay-per-view, pay-per-click and perhaps the newest black: pay-per-call in the mobile ad space. And it’s this pay-per-call marketplace that Datalot is actively promoting. Advertisers can log in and buy calls as simply as you would buy clicks on Google, explains New York-based Josh Reznick, founder and CEO of […] Read more… 

The Dilemma Facing Pay-Per-Call: You Can’t Buy Calls Everywhere…Yet
By Johnna McCooey
We live in a world that is increasingly dominated by the mobile consumer.  We’re experiencing what Josh Bernoff, Senior Vice President of Idea Development at Forrester Research, calls the “Mobile Mind Shift.”  He recently coauthored a book, by that name which defines this phenomenon as, “The expectation that I can get what I want in […] Read more… 

How Facebook is evolving into a mobile ad giant
By Editor
Facebook, the world’s No. 1 social media network, is feeling the mobile momentum. In the second quarter of 2014, mobile ad revenue made up 62 percent, or $1.66 billion, of total ad revenue at Facebook. That’s up from 41 percent, or $660 million, of total ad revenue in the second quarter of 2013. During 2014, […] Read more… 
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More Amazing Booth Experiences This Year at LeadsCon New York

There were many great booths and presentations at LeadsCon New York this year. Precise Leads is seeing a great response with a custom golf-themed booth showcasing the Precise Masters Tournament - a fierce competition on the classic Golden Tee arcade game. The grand prize will be announced on Friday morning, and Precise says that it's been a great way to meet and interact with attendees. LeadsCon will be on the scene to give you a peek at what goes into creating a unique and engaging tradeshow presence.


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