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Sparkroom Q2 2014 Review – Higher Education Trends
By Sparkroom
The Sparkroom Q2 2014 Review presents higher education trends related to: Inquiry volume Conversion rates Third-party inquiry costs Interactive media channel performance Degree-level trends Program category and subject composition Click here to download the Sparkroom Q2 2014 Review. Read more… 

What issues are causing marketers to fail TCPA compliance?
By Performline
The August TCPA research study found that 57% of webpages passed our TCPA rule checks for valid disclaimer language and having an option for express written consent. But, 43% of the webpages capturing contact information still failed to meet one... Read more… 

Top Compliance Trends and Data
By Performline
Which terms triggered the most potential violations in marketing across the web and in contact centers? Which rule categories are hotspots for potential violations? Download our fact-filled benchmarking infographic to learn: The Top 5 Terms That Cause Potential Violations in Education,... Read more… 

The Link Between Distance From School and Online Degrees
By Sparkroom
A study published last month by Learning House and Aslanian Market Research indicates a growing share of fully online higher education students are enrolling at schools farther away from home. The finding is based on a survey of 1,500 high... Read more… 

The Bucket List – The Three Pain Points Impacting Adult Student Success
By Sparkroom
There are 36 million adults in the U.S., age 25 and over, with some college and no degree. This means they started college, but then something happened and they couldn’t finish. For many of these non-traditional students (adult, military, degree... Read more… 

Painting an accurate customer profile is critical to use of ‘big data’
By Michael Ferree
“Big data” is a big deal these days, but that data does no good if lead generators lack a clear picture of their current and potential customers. That was among the key takeaways from a performance marketing session Aug. 14 at LeadsCon New York. “It’s not just about connecting the dots; it’s about painting a […] Read more… 

LeadsCon Live 2014 Interview: Atul Patel
By Michael Ferree
Read more… 

LeadsPedia touts ‘vertical agnostic’ marketing automation software
By Michael Ferree
You’ve heard of Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. Now, welcome to LeadsPedia, a startup that develops and sells performance marketing software. What do Wikipedia and LeadsPedia have in common? Both seek to serve broad audiences. “The nice thing about our platform is it’s vertical agnostic,” Karl Norelius, vice president of sales at LeadsPedia, said during an […] Read more… 

Youtility is the key says LeadsCon NY keynote speaker Jay Baer
By Michael Ferree
It’s all about you…youtility that is. “Youtility” is also the title of the 2013 book by digital marketing strategist Jay Baer – and the focus of his keynote speech at LeadsCon NY 2014. Baer warned conference attendees that being marketers is more challenging than ever before. Why? One of the main reasons points to social […] Read more… 
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Monday 8/25: Chris McArdle, Neustar

Tuesday 8/26: Mike Boland, BIA/Kelsey

Wednesday 8/27: Sean Fenlon, DoiublePositive

Thursday 8/28: Ross Shanken, LeadiD

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