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August 22 - 24, 2016
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March 15 - 17, 2016
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Industry Wire
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Joins the Growing List of Petitions Against FCC For TCPA Ruling
By wpickett
On the heels of the Consumer Bankers Association announcement of its filing a petition for review of the Federal Communications Commission’s July 10, 2015 Declaratory Ruling and Order, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce joins the band. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest business … Read More at InsideARM Read more… 
4 Actionable Tactics That Make Text Marketing Work for You
By wpickett
It may seem like text message marketing is destined to be successful — after all, unlike email, recipients are sure to receive the message and are more likely to open it — but their are still actionable tactics you need to take to ensure that text marketing works for you. Here are four of the actionable […] Read more… 

LeadsCon Live NYC: Melissa Lopez of Katana Talks Programmatic
By Michael Ferree
Read more… 

Top 3 Tips for an Effective Advertising Campaign
By Frank Healy
Generating online awareness for your company brand is an important building block for a complete web presence. An effective way to impact the growth of your brand is through an enticing advertising program. Here are three tips for creating a successful display advertising campaign: Enticing Visuals Having an eye-catching ad is the first step to a […] Read more… 

LeadsCon Live NYC15: Kevin Lee of Didit and WeCare
By Michael Ferree
Read more… 
LeadsCon Marketplace
Sparkroom August Newsletter: Tracking 100 Leads for 90 Days
By Sparkroom
In this issue: Evaluating the Lifecycle of a Student Inquiry (Whitepaper) Saved by the Ring with Free Mobile Campaign Setup (Promotion) Want a FREE Month of Social Media Monitoring? (Promotion) Other Important Stuff Read the full August issue of the... Read more… 


Sparkroom Case Study: Custom Geo-Targeting
By Sparkroom
A school with 13 campuses was using a typical geographic approach: targeting based on a standard mile radius around each campus. Though common and simple to set up, it was not delivering optimal results, so they turned to Sparkroom for... Read more… 

Sparkroom Case Study: Addressing Google Algorithm
By Sparkroom
Sparkroom addresses the impacts of google algorithm on organic search traffic. Click here to download the case study. Read more… 

Sparkroom Case Study: The Impact of Lead Scoring
By Sparkroom
A school was frustrated with the poor quality of leads they were receiving from their third-party providers, so they came to Sparkroom for help. Click here to download the case study. Read more… 

Sparkroom Case Study: Finding Prospective Students
By Sparkroom
A school with a full range of program offerings for associates, bachelor's and master's degrees was struggling to find prospective students, specifically for technology and engineering programs. Click here to download the case study. Read more… 
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Event Highlights

LeadsCon LIVE Is Back! Here Are the Latest LeadsCon New York Interviews:

LeadsCon LIVE

- Greg Gragg Talk Upcoming Changes to the LeadsCouncil

- Melissa Lopez of Katana

- Kevin Lee of Didit and WeCare

And look for next week's LeadsCon New York Interviews:

  - Casey Cook from CloudControlEDU

  - Jim McKinley of 360 Partners


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