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August 22 - 24, 2016
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Industry Wire
How Local is Local? Defining Where Your Market Lives and How to Reach Them
By Jason Barrett
When it comes to location-based marketing, the meaning of “local” can change depending on the situation and the product or service being marketed. Local is country-wide for some businesses, like those that ship anywhere in the United States. It can describe state-level when looking at insurance and mortgages, or select cities when looking at restaurants […] Read more… 
How to Communicate Your Message the Right Way on Different Social Media Platforms
By Samantha Karam
As a marketer in today’s world, having the ability to write an eye-catching ad in the newspaper just isn’t enough anymore. You have to know how to tweet, share, post, snap and everything in between. Oh, and let’s not forget — you have to do it all in varying lengths and with different tones. That […] Read more… 

Introducing Contact.io! The Best Call to Action? A Call
By wpickett
Last week, we announced a new event for the LeadsCon Community – Contact.io, to be held in San Francisco, January 19 – 20, 2016. We’ve partnered with LeadsCon founder, Jay Weintraub of NextCustomer, to introduce this new event focused on driving more calls. Contact gives you a chance to join 500 marketers, entrepreneurs, and technology leaders […] Read more… 

LeadsCon Live New York • Sanaz Limouee, OrionCKB
By Michael Ferree
Read more… 

How the Rise of Mobile Ad Fraud is Affecting Us All
By Dave Stafford
At this year’s LeadsCon, a key topic of discussion was digital ad fraud. There’s an ever-expanding number of ways unscrupulous affiliate marketers are deceiving consumers and undermining legitimate advertisers, from ad stacking to mobile ad fraud to click-to-call schemes. According to fraud-detection research firm Forensiq, $1 billion of the $20 billion spent each year on […] Read more… 
LeadsCon Marketplace
Sparkroom September 2015 Newsletter: Inquiry Volume Declines Slow Down
By Sparkroom
The Sparkroom September 2015 newsletter was sent to all of our newsletter subscribers on 9/23. This month's issue includes the following content: (Just Released) The Sparkroom Q2 2015 Higher Education Inquiry Generation Review: Slower Inquiry Volume Declines LeadsCouncil 2015 EDU... Read more… 

Sparkroom Q2 2015 Higher Education Inquiry Generation Review
By Sparkroom
The Sparkroom Q2 2015 Higher Education Inquiry Generation Review provides detailed analysis of inquiry volume, conversion rates, media channel trends, program-specific trends and degree-level distribution. Inquiry volume declined by just over 13% during Q2 2015, a continuation of the trend... Read more… 

Sparkroom August Newsletter: Tracking 100 Leads for 90 Days
By Sparkroom
In this issue: Evaluating the Lifecycle of a Student Inquiry (Whitepaper) Saved by the Ring with Free Mobile Campaign Setup (Promotion) Want a FREE Month of Social Media Monitoring? (Promotion) Other Important Stuff Read the full August issue of the... Read more… 

Sparkroom Case Study: Custom Geo-Targeting
By Sparkroom
A school with 13 campuses was using a typical geographic approach: targeting based on a standard mile radius around each campus. Though common and simple to set up, it was not delivering optimal results, so they turned to Sparkroom for... Read more… 

Sparkroom Case Study: Addressing Google Algorithm
By Sparkroom
Sparkroom addresses the impacts of google algorithm on organic search traffic. Click here to download the case study. Read more… 
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