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eBook: 6 Key Data Points You Must Have to Avoid Online Fraud
By LeadiD
Fraudsters are out to seize a chunk of your marketing budget. But you don't have to be a victim.  The right tools, the right information, and the right partners will arm you to stamp out fraud and protect your resources.  ... Read more… 

Blog: What you should know about propensity models and predictive modeling
By LeadiD
You’ve just finished binge-watching House of Cards on Netflix when, unprompted, the site offers you a list of recommended TV shows. How about The West Wing? Scandal? The Newsroom? Click on one and discover that it’s exactly what you wanted—and Netflix knew it would be.... Read more… 

Customer Story: Revolutionizing the Mortgage Industry One Lead at a Time
By LeadiD
These days, despite recent fluctuations in mortgage rates, one company maintains steady customer conversion figures. But it hasn't been easy. Read how LeadiD is helping one mortgage lender boost revenue performance while simultaneously lowering risk in Revolutioning the Mortgage Industry: One Lead at... Read more… 

eBook: 6 Shocking Truths About Online Fraud
By LeadiD
It's an epidemic--fraud is on the rise. You are being cheated out of revenue through vulnerabilities in your advertising and lead generation program. Online ad fraud is skyrocketing out of control. You may not realize it, or you may just tolerate... Read more… 

A Piece of the Lead Gen Rock: Plymouth Rock Assurance Sees Solid Gains with LeadiD
By LeadiD
A window into the origin and history of leads is remarkably helpful for lead buyers, but the entire ecosystem benefits from increased trust and clarity in lead generation. Read all about how the insurance industry is undergoing dramatic change as an... Read more… 

Strengthening Lead Generation through a Stronger Landing Page
By Frank Healy
Online lead generation has changed drastically over the past decade as marketers attempt to utilize a variety of digital marketing methods to generate inquiries. Organic search, pay-per-click, social media, display advertising and email offers are some of the many ways that advertisers get visitors to their site, and more importantly, their landing page. The landing […] Read more… 

The Un-Measurables: Soliciting Feedback, Testimonials and Reviews from Customers
By Matt Perl
Throwing spaghetti against a wall to see if it sticks is about as unglamorous as it gets when it comes to testing out your food (for those of you out there who haven’t studied at Le Cordon Bleu, if it sticks– it’s done).  For modern marketers, we simply can’t afford the throw-it-against-the-wall approach in the […] Read more… 

The Case of the Phone: The forefront of call analytics
By Dorin Rosenshine
Today’s technology enables much more than provisioning fixed numbers – and market conditions welcome these new capabilities If you’re running the type of business where a customer wants to speak with someone before making a purchase, recent headlines most likely have you smiling: phone calls are on the forecast, everywhere. A multitude of studies, reports, […] Read more… 

LeadsCon Live 2014: Frank Kasimov, Call Market Place
By Michael Ferree
Read more… 

LeadsCouncil members are a group of people with a passion for the Lead Generation industry and seeing it continually improve. Our members are lead buyers, lead sellers, or service providers to the lead ecosystem. To become a member of the LeadsCouncil you should be willing to share your passion for the industry with the group. You may have a specific expertise in your area, but most importantly you have the desire to improve the lead generation space and want to participate. In fact, you probably are already thinking of ways you can help the group and the lead generation industry.

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