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LeadsCon Marketplace
Firm Scours Up Students
By HigherEd Growth
By Georgann Yara for The Arizona Business Gazette | azcentral.com When Frank Healy and his friends yearned to start their own company, they found themselves, in a matter of speaking, headed back to school. But instead of getting stuck with... Read more… 

How To Reduce Ad Fraud With Lead Verification And Scoring
By Revi Media
Overall media spending has increased over the last couple of years, with new digital channels promising advertisers to connect to new core audiences. However, as digital marketing budgets increase, a large amount of revenues is lost due to rampant fraud.... Read more… 

CASL – An Overview of What You Need to Know
By Performline
Canada’s new Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) was enacted in December 2010, and is slated to go into force in July 2014. A part of Canada’s Strategy for the Digital Economy, the Act is intended to promote e-commerce by deterring spam, identity... Read more… 

Online Degree Courses Lose Momentum
By HigherEd Growth
As technology evolves, colleges and universities have found the need to adapt to an ever-changing environment over the past decade. Some changes have been more gradual, such as the incorporation (and removal) of degree programs in order to accommodate an... Read more… 

6 Months Later, 46% of Webpages STILL Not in Compliance with Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Regulations
By Performline
During this study conducted in March 2014, PerformLine found that 46% of the webpages that captured contact information failed to meet one or more of the rules from the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The TCPA regulations took effect on October 16,... Read more… 

The Demise of Data Leads
By Michael Orefice
There is an emerging trend in the lead industry that most lead companies are afraid to discuss because it has the potential to turn the entire industry on its head.  Just obtaining a simple real time data lead, with basic information such as phone number and email address, is no longer enough for a majority […] Read more… 

5 Ways to Create an Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy
By Lauren Alexander
Though it’s been declared for years now, the Age of Mobile is officially here. According to CNN Money, mobile devices accounted for 55 percent of nationwide internet usage in January of this year¹. As the number of people who consume media on smartphones and tablets continues to skyrocket, marketers can no longer think of targeting […] Read more… 

Lead Generation Grows Up
By David Rodnitzky
Forgive me for sounding like the old man that I am, but when I started working in online lead gen, life was easy for lead sellers. You could go out and buy the word “University of Phoenix” on Google and get paid $40 when someone submitted a lead to . . . the University of […] Read more… 

Direct Mail: What’s Working and What’s Not
By John Pirroni
The Direct Mail Association (DMA) released its 2014 Statistical Report in April that indicated many sectors of direct mail are working while others are not. Some marketers may argue that paper is dead. But before you form a conclusion, I encourage you to take 39 seconds and view this funny YouTube video ad from a […] Read more… 
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Event Highlights

Session Feature at LeadsCon: Case in Point: Building a Central Marketplace for Distributed Leads

As transparency becomes more important, new lead generators continue to pop up, and lead buyers learn more about the space, the need for a centralized buying solution makes sense. It is important for buyers to have the ability to acquire, track, and manage not only their individual leads, but also all of their lead sources in a single platform. On the other side, lead sellers need a more efficient way to integrate, and sell leads to buyers. Earlier this year, Underground Elephant built the insurance industry’s first fully integrated Lead Marketplace solution for Allstate Insurance. In this session, we’ll discuss high-level strategy and discoveries on how the marketplace came together and how catering a custom approach lets Allstate’s agents make the most of their leads. We’ll also add some industry perspective on how insurance leads are being handled, and what impact lead marketplaces like this have on the industry. View the Full Conference Program.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Understand how the biggest Lead Buyers use Lead Marketplaces
  • Learn about the points of value created for buyers and sellers
  • Discover the key to a fully leveraged, and consolidated lead acquisition strategy
  • Learn how to measure success, and evaluate whether or not a Lead Marketplace strategy works for your business
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