Getting High-Quality Insurance Leads at Low Prices

By aiwpadminJanuary 31, 2017

Insurance is a topsy-turvy world in the universe of lead generation marketing. Many of the marketing principles that work when selling clothes or cars won’t work when selling something as mundane but essential as insurance. This difference means many people who think they are experts in digital marketing find their old tricks don’t work when it comes to finding good leads for insurance products.


This is where specialist firms like comes into play. I spoke with founder Frank Kasimov on his views about how insurance lead marketing is fundamentally different from other kinds of digital marketing.


"Companies spend less on direct marketing to spend more with lead generation companies like to improve their ROI,” said Frank, who added that many firms just "don't keep up with marketing trends and new available tools.” This is a particularly big problem in insurance, which is a highly crowded and competitive sector with multibillion-dollar players with cutting-edge technology and experts competing for good leads.


Frank developed to help firms wade through the world of digital marketing and get better leads. " is not just a marketplace for publishers and buyers to exchange leads and calls and clicks,” said Frank.


Frank started the firm in 2004 and has seen it grow since then until it was sold to the industry’s largest player. Now the company works on "connecting insurance consumers with insurance carriers and brokers” so that everyone benefits.


To understand the ecosystem that the company provides, Frank breaks it down from the perspective of consumers, publishers and insurance firms.


"Consumers get a free service that connects them with insurance carriers and brokers,” Frank said, while publishers and affiliates can earn high payouts because " only keeps 10 percent of revenue and pays out 90 percent to the publisher."


Finally, insurers profit because they can constantly measure and analyze the quality of the leads they’re getting. "Insurance carriers and brokers benefit because has proprietary quality control tools to make sure that highest quality leads and calls and clicks are provided to them,” Frank said.


Frank has built several tools to help insurers improve the quality of their leads. His firm offers white label templates, mobile optimized forms, a variety of cross-selling opportunities, a referral program and 24/7 support. The company has flexibility for marketers, offering pay-per-lead and pay-per-call options. also keeps an active knowledge base for publishers that helps them improve their traffic and revenue, which also helps consumers get better offers and insurers get more sales.


At this year’s LeadsCon, a number of publishers and marketers in the insurance industry will meet to discuss how they use tools like to drive and improve leads. Come join us and see how this unique industry is turning web traffic into serious cash.


Click here to register for LeadsCon Las Vegas 2017.

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