Getting Personal in Marketing

By aiwpadminFebruary 15, 2018

by Michael Foster

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: In the future, we won’t market to demographics or audience segments. We’ll market to individuals.

Person-to-person marketing is the holy grail of so much of what digital marketers do in this day and age. Programmatic advertising yields the most sales and highest ROAS (return on ad spend) when it’s deployed to find exactly the right person. Digital marketing doesn’t rely on context or content as much as it relies on who owns the eyeballs you’re trying to attract (getting them to notice you, though, is an entirely different matter). Offline advertising will go the way of the Dodo bird because it cannot offer the kind of addressability that digital platforms can offer.

And all of this P2P marketing will be good for, well, everyone. Audiences will see less annoying ads, and the ads they see will be so relevant to their interests that it will be (almost) indistinguishable from the content itself. Advertisers will waste less money on useless impressions that don’t convert while avoiding the risks associated with annoying customers with intrusive messaging. And publishers will benefit thanks to a rising tide of prices caused by higher ad performance, while fewer impressions mean better audience engagement and retention since they’ll be less annoyed by commercials.

That’s the theory. In reality, we’re pretty far from that marketing utopia.

But the advertising we can do with automated marketing tools would blow away a marketer from even 2012. The landscape has evolved, and technological and standards innovations like header bidding and addressability standards have cleaned up the digital landscape and made it suddenly possible, in a few instances, to indeed market to an individual.

There’s just one problem. How, exactly, do you do it?

It sounds like a simple question, but few have a good answer. In reality, successful leads come from marketing campaigns that relate to customers, understand their needs and communicate clearly to them in a way that is noticeable, welcome and the opposite of intrusive.

All of the focus on advertising technology and improving algorithms hasn’t made it easier to make ads that achieve those goals, however. There remains a creative challenge that many marketers are simply ignoring because it is simply too hard.

Fortunately, not all marketers are ignoring the challenge. As a result, effective best practices are emerging.

At this year’s LeadsCon, a coterie of personalized marketing professionals will discuss what those best practices look like for 2018 in “Make It All About Them: Personalization Drives Stronger Lead Generation“. Daryl Colwell of Fluent, Debbie McKean of Oasis Financial and Amy Myers of Ovation Credit Services will lead a discussion on making personalized marketing effective and enjoyable for customers and potential customers. They will share how marketers can leverage key consumer insights to drive leads, how they can personalize messages to increase engagement and how personalization can boost lead generation yields significantly.

Don’t miss out—you need to learn how marketing is getting personal (whoever you are).

Click here to register for LeadsCon Las Vegas 2018.

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