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by September 17, 2014


September 22 – 2pm ET
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Sparkroom is the leader in higher education performance marketing. We provide fully transparent, analytics-based strategies so you can maximize your enrollment campaign efforts.

Sparkroom helps higher education marketing teams develop the most strategic, compliant campaigns to achieve highly optimized enrollment funnels. Using Sparkroom, enrollment marketers can:

    Identify the best performing sources to optimize media spend
    Automate processes based on propensity to convert
    Achieve the lowest cost per student
    Reduce overhead for the marketing team
    Reduce brand and compliance risk

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Admobix – YOCTO

September 24 – 2pm ET
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Yocto allows you generate top quality leads from the vast amount of mobile and desktop traffic, at very low CPM rates, enabling you to optimize automatically against a CPA goal, without a need to constantly 'babysit' a campaign.   

Here are a few highlights of the Yocto platform:

1. Programmatic Bidding
Artificial intelligence algorithms drive toward your customizable campaign goals; from CPM to eCPA and every measurement rate in between.
2. Advanced Targeting
Display an ad to the person playing Candy Crush on a 3G network in your neighbors house after 9 p.m. on Wednesdays. Nuff said.
3. Brand Safety
Protect your brand by white-listing, blacklisting or categorically targeting your desired placements.
4. Complete Transparency
View performance of your campaigns by any metric. If the data is available to us, its available to you.
5. Real-time Granular Reporting
View any metric and dive as deep as the rabbit hole goes to reveal, or override, the decisions of our programmatic artificial intelligence.
6. 36 Billion Impressions / Day Globally
Were constantly adding traffic sources; this number is growing quickly!

Let us show you how Yocto can find your ideal customer, from the vast amount of traffic available on mobile and desktops.  Attend this webinar to receive a special bonus of $75 of free advertising with a $500 deposit.

We look forward to introducing you to YOCTO!




September 26th – 2pm ET

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Forensiq protects you against high-risk traffic sources and provides real-time predictive quality scoring for each visitor that views an ad or completes an action. Join this exciting demonstration to see how you can reduce your risk against online ad fraud.


LeadiD Marketplace

October 1st – 2pm ET

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Achieving the full potential of your customer acquisition program requires a combination of technologies that work together, but the leap from "priority" to "execution" remains a difficult one for most marketers.

The LeadiD AppMarketplace bridges this gap by extending the capabilities of the LeadiD platform through turnkey integrations with best-in-class solution and data providers. With just the push of a button, marketers can install apps in categories that include TCPA compliance, brand compliance, fraud detection, and more. The net result is a greater understanding of every lead as well as the ability to action off of each and every insight.

Join LeadiD for an exclusive look at its AppMarketplace, and how its helping marketers supercharge their customer acquisition programs.


ClickPoint Software

October 2nd – 2pm ET

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SalesExec is a lead management solution for sales teams and call centers.   

SalesExec helps users close more leads in less time.  It focuses on four main cornerstones in the first 30 days: reduce contact time on new leads, increase ready-to-buy leads by 20%, improve closed deals by automating email and direct mail marketing, and routing leads to the best salespeople.  SalesExec was designed for sales professionals, so it is easy to adopt. Recognizing that each company has a unique sales process, the solution offers a simple configuration process for each sales team.  SalesExec makes it easy to integrate all of a company’s marketing sources into one solution. SalesExec includes a powerful API, so it integrates with existing software or third-party solutions. This includes IVR, phone services, analytics, and more.   

Over 6,000 sales professionals already trust SalesExec to automate their sales process and improve sales efficiency.  With a firm belief in exceeding customer expectations, ClickPoint Software provides not just software but amazing support to help you improve your results from both your leads and your sales team.   

On this demo ClickPoint will show you how sales agents in call centers and corporate sales teams are closing more deals with their solution.


HigherEd Growth

October 8th – 2pm ET

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EduMaximizer is a web application that integrates with any dialer or lead management system. Features include:

  • A dynamic call center script which changes as inquiry data is added/verified creating a fully compliant and qualified inquiry.
  • Full support of scoring/verification services like Neustar, Ebuereo, LeadiD and other custom services.
  • Inquiry matching capabilities which supports traditional host and post campaigns as well as qualified matches via integrated APIs from direct clients or aggregators.
  • Creates a seamless user experience for the call center representative in order to limit the possibility of error.
  • Full tracking and reporting across disparate campaigns/data.
  • Leverages a state of the art proprietary lead management system designed specifically for Edu Lead Generation.


Performline: PerformMatch

October 13th – 2pm ET

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PerformMatch is a single SaaS platform that standardizes and automates the discovery, monitoring and analysis of compliance data from all marketing channels, and then provides robust business intelligence—allowing marketers to assess and mitigate risk.

During this demo learn how The PerformMatch platform automatically monitors contact centers and the web to ensure full regulatory, brand and TCPA compliance for brands. See how PerformMatch saves marketers money by automating compliance activities across channels and departments, creating significant cost-savings.




October 14th – 2pm ET

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LashBack will provide a demonstration of its ComplianceMonitor and BrandAlert services.  For anyone leveraging the email channel for leads, directly or indirectly, there is an obligation to monitor your partners. ComplianceMonitor provides a unique and effective means to monitor your partners – identify, document and resolve issues – based on regulatory requirements and corporate policies.  BrandAlert provides access to a large database of email messages for competitive intelligence, brand protection and marketing ideas. 

Whether you are actively using email, considering it, ramping up a program, or just want to keep an eye on your competition or brand, BrandAlert has you covered.  It is makes it easy to created layered searches using almost any message components, save searches, tag messages, create alerts, etc.  In many cases, key considerations can be identified such as delivery to the inbox, networks or other partners involved with the message, and the country associated with the sender.  Our services have been trusted by major advertisers and their partners for nearly a decade; we will be demonstrating a new, enhanced version of our services that we have just begun rolling out to clients.



Makiska: Relevance Reactor

October 15th – 2pm ET

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We will be demoing our product “Relevance Reactor”, a hosted platform that consists of two modules … a stand-alone Digital Data Manger module and an optional Email Campaign Manager module.  Relevance Reactor provides a solution to common challenges encountered by advertisers, publishers, lead generators, data brokers and email marketers. Digital Data Manager allows clients to centralize and manage ALL aspects of their data … everything from automating the flow of data with powerful import & export tools to extensive filtering/querying capabilities, tracking and custom reporting.  Campaign Manager provides clients with the tools necessary to manage all of their offers/creatives as well as the ability to deploy email campaigns directly to their ESPs from a centralized interface.  In addition, clients enjoy and benefit from built-in click & conversion tracking and centralized reporting.



 October 20th – 2pm ET

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InsideVault delivers a next-generation bid management platform that transforms SEM profitability. Learn more about how you can improve your company's SEM performance through InsideVault's proprietary data science techniques, predictive machine-learning algorithms and real-time automated bidding solutions.


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