How Lead Gen Can Leverage Mobile Apps to Full Tilt

By aiwpadminJanuary 20, 2016

by Shahnaz Mahmud.  

How can lead generation leverage mobile apps to full tilt? This will be discussed at length at the upcoming LeadsCon Las Vegas conference in mid-March at the session “There’s an App for That: Leveraging Mobile Apps for Lead Gen.”

In our on-the-go world, mobile marketing is essential. And it has become a great enabler for lead generation. “All in all, the use of mobile lead generation has really changed the face of marketing and in lead generation campaigns,” says Belinda Summers, a business development consultant for Callbox, in a blog post for the National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP).

A significant reason is the instant interaction brands can have with (potential) customers. Moreover, mobile allows for tremendous reach. Part and parcel of that, brands love the myriad apps being created to suit customers’ needs because they can translate into successful lead generation campaigns.

“If a businessman can use his mobile phone for lead generation purposes, he can gather and qualify warm marketing leads and sales leads that he can even get to gather more potential clients wherever he goes or wherever the decision-maker goes,” says Summers.

She rightly points to Twitter, which has north of 190 million users, as a massive playing field for lead gen. This goes back to the earlier point of wide reach.

Strategies to Engage End Users
With that, there are actually many ways brands can provide a better user experience and have more engaged end users, as the conference panel will discuss.

One such strategy is to incorporate a coupon component with your mobile advertising apps, as Summers suggests. Freebies and discounts are always a good enticer for future interactions, after all.

In a blog post for his company, Nelson Wang, head of Mobile Partnerships at Optimizely, takes the example of building a referral program. Wang highlights Uber’s very effective usage of this by offering $10 credits on rides for such referrals.

Brands have a great opportunity in producing – and promoting – content that their app may be solving. “If your content helps people overcome challenges, you’ll be perceived as a thought leader and expert in the space,” says Wang. That said, you’ve got to make sure that your user interface is responsive and un-cumbersome in order for it to be effective. Campaigns must be user-friendly if you want to succeed.

And don’t forget about push notification strategies. Writes Caitlin O’Connell for an article in Business 2 Community: “Push messages continued to improve app user engagement and retention and companies increasingly took the path to personalization [in 2015].”

Here is the crux: user engagement, retention and personalization. Mobile marketing has allowed for this threefold. Use your lead gen campaigns wisely to reap its rewards.

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