In the Age of Insights, LeadiD Feels Ready to Lead the Way

By aiwpadminFebruary 17, 2016

by Shahnaz Mahmud.

In this Internet “age of insights,” LeadiD feels well-placed to work with brands. The company is all about uncovering insights about a consumer’s journey to marketers. LeadiD is a sponsor at the upcoming LeadsCon Las Vegas Conference in mid-March.

Historically, marketers have only had access to various snapshots of what consumers want, says Adam Figueira, LeadiD’s VP of Marketing. Those snapshots include information such as when a consumer submits a lead form, they might tell you if they are interested in a mortgage, what their estimated credit score is, what value loan they are looking to get, their age and employment information.

“But that’s really just a snapshot in time along the consumer journey,” says Figueira. “What LeadiD has access to is not just those snapshots but also the visibility into when a consumer visits a related site a mortgage site, even if a form fill doesn’t actually happen. By keeping all of these things together, we’re able to provide marketers with a much clearer picture of the consumer’s buying journey and what that consumer wants.”

Consumer Want and Intent
It’s all about what a consumer is in the market for and how much intent they have. “There’s the lead part of this and the intelligence behind the lead,” says Figueira. LeadiD provides data points such as how long did the consumer spend on the lead form, how many fields in the form did they interact with, how old is the lead (was it created five minutes ago, five hours ago?). “But above and beyond the actual lead event, we’re providing this 50,000-foot insight into the entire consumer buying journey,” he emphasizes.

The company’s common data currency is a set of performance metrics that are available to the seller of the lead as well as the buyer, “so they have a common language — a common means of communicating about the value of the lead,” explains Figueira.

LeadiD was founded in 2011, and Figueira joined in 2014, attracted by the innovation the company was making with its technology. He refers to it as ‘network intelligence’ visibility that allows for a greater breadth of insights. “It provides an added layer of intelligence that’s simply not available anywhere else,” he stresses, adding that LeadiD has the penetration across a wide swath of verticals, including education, mortgage and insurance. “That’s what makes the technology so powerful and that’s what makes it so appealing to me as a marketer,” says Figueira.

LeadiD is a longtime sponsor of the LeadsCon conferences on both coasts. “The quality of the conference brings the quality of the attendee,” says Figueira. “It’s a place where twice a year, thought leaders come together to exchange ideas about what’s working and what trends people are seeing, so it’s a really valuable conference.”

Themes: TCPA and Solar Energy
This year’s theme? Figueira sees two possible topics for great discussion. The first is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), a regulation that places restrictions on how a company can reach out to a consumer. The issue surrounds the use of an auto-dialer to call a consumer’s mobile phone. Marketers must have prior express consent.

“The challenge that that poses to the industry is that the burden of proof is on the brand to demonstrate that they were compliant,” says Figueira. “In other words, it’s not just enough to say that you were compliant. You need to be able to prove that you were compliant with proof that will stand up in a court of law.”

The other theme Figueira believes will be widely discussed at the conference is the extension of the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) by Congress to consumers who install solar power in their homes well beyond December 2016. “For anyone that might have been thinking that the opportunity in solar lead gen was finite, I don’t think that that’s the case anymore,” says Figueira. “I suspect you will see more interest from a lead gen standpoint and lead buying standpoint in solar because these instances for the consumer are going to be around longer than anyone thought they were going to be.”

For LeadiD, LeadsCon Las Vegas will allow the company to continue to showcase its newest solution, its consumer intent scoring product, which it launched last August at LeadsCon East. “LeadiD is a witness to thousands of different attributes about a lead event and what the consumer intent score does is it distills that information down to a single score that answers for the marketer how much intent does this consumer have to buy from me. It’s a very powerful product — and point of differentiation at LeadsCon West,” says Figueira.

He adds: “We are providing marketers with a very high-resolution view of their consumers buying journeys — not just the individual moments but all of the moments that add up to consumer intent.” Figueira notes that attendees are invited to stop by their booth to ask questions about the consumer buying journey. You can find LeadiD easily, as their MO at every LeadsCon are a pair of orange shoes. Just look down and around and your answers are just a few steps away.

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