How Lead Gen Companies Can Manage the Threat of Cyber Attacks

By Brad SeilerJune 17, 2015

When you think of cyber attacks, what do you imagine? Let me guess, a 20-something super-hacker disarming the alarms in your favorite heist movie? While that may be a fun and safe image, hacking and cyber attacks are actually a significant threat to businesses of all sizes. You’re likely thinking, “Yeah, but it’ll never happen to me.” Don’t be so sure. It’s not just the Sonys and Targets of the world that have been hit by cyber attacks. Small businesses continue to report cyber attacks at an alarming rate. Even Congress has made strides to ramp up cyber security in the US. However, no legislation can ever completely prevent cyber attacks, which leaves any company that falls victim to an attack in serious legal and financial danger.

What Does This Mean for Lead Gen Companies?
Lead generation companies deliver countless personal records every day. The storage of these leads, either generated internally or acquired through another party, makes lead generation companies prime targets for cyber attacks. As the likelihood and danger of cyber attacks increase, the practice of storing sensitive, personally identifiable information has become nothing short of a liability. If your business experiences a data breach, you are the one left at fault. The risk and penalties of storing leads and data continues to increase, however the benefits of retaining this information don’t come close to matching the consequences.

What Should Lead Generation Companies Do?
The best way to protect your business is through the simple practice of data management. While you don’t need to delete your entire database the instant a lead leaves your hands, managing the individual fields that you store and limiting the length of storage can protect your leads and your business. As a lead generation company, retaining data only as long as you really need it lets you directly and dramatically reduce the risk of a cyber attack. As the lead generation industry continues to grow and develop, data security continues to make its way up the ladder of lead company priorities. Is your lead business as safe as it should be?

How Can I Implement a Data Management Strategy
The specifics of a data management strategy comes down to the method with which you are buying, selling and storing your leads and data. For most lead generation companies, this refers to their lead distribution system. Sophisticated lead distribution solutions let you customize your strategy based on the specific verticals in which you operate and the fields associated with each vertical. If you don’t already know what data management options are available in your distribution system, contact your provider and find out. Don’t let your business be the next victim.

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