Lead Generation Best Practices for the Modern Marketer

By Alex HarrisJuly 31, 2015

Lead generation, like other marketing practices, evolved much over the past few years due to changing consumer demands and the new capabilities afforded by the Internet. For the modern marketer, this means paying attention to changing best practices to ensure the best customer response.

Before the predominance of the Internet, it was the lead generators’ job to keep potential clients posted, to cultivate leads by feeding them information and prepare them for conversation with the sales team. The game changed with the surge in the Internet’s popularity. Thanks to search engines and social media, information about the brand and its competitors became just a few clicks away. This opened more ways for marketers to engage their potential clients and build relationships with them.

Generating Leads Online 
With all the information it contains about the brand, a website can be a valuable tool for generating leads. Filled with the right content, it can effectively capture and hold a visitor’s attention and influence them toward conversion. As such, it is crucial that prospects have an easy time following through with the conversion process. The following steps will prove helpful in achieving this goal:

  1. Appeal to the prospect. Consumers are often visual, so the right cues can work miracles. Everything from power words in the copy to engaging, informative videos can enhance interest and influence conversion.
  2. Capture their trust. The Internet is home to dubious entities and consumers know this. Product photos, as well as customer reviews and testimonials encourage leads to trust the brand. Having trust seals also assure prospects that they are entering secure and legitimate business transactions.
  3. Make it easy for them to get in touch. Convenience can have a positive impact to consumer decisions. Inquiry and/or order forms at every page ensure that conversion is just a few clicks away. Similarly, making the business’ email address and telephone number accessible ensures that prospects can make inquiries with ease.
  4. Test the approach. A single lead generation method will not work for all prospective customers. For this reason, the business must come up with several approaches and test each of them to find the one that works best.

Another online resource vital to lead generation is the webinar, considered by many marketers to be the most effective method to influence leads into making a positive conversion decision in the latter stages of the sales funnel. Part of what makes them excellent tools is their ability to hold the leads’ attention for extended periods of time. They also deliver the kind of in-depth information that conventional ads and website copy can have a hard time delivering.

A good webinar is one that is informative, interactive, and attuned to every stage of the sales funnel. Thought leadership webinars are best given during the awareness stage. Webinars that feature the brand’s assets, advantages, and benefits work well with the consideration stage. Showcasing the business’ solutions is compatible with the evaluation stage. Providing demos compliment the purchase stage. By engaging leads with the right content at every stage of the funnel, a marketer can maintain and maximize interest to ensure conversion.

Utilizing Human Interaction
Advances in marketing technologies have been significant, but phone calls have become anything but obsolete. Paired with today’s lead generation software, they remain an effective force in scoring the level of interest and determining the prospects’ readiness for conversion, providing the human touch vital to a process that deals with human choices and motivations.

Although phone callers are no longer the predominant source of brand information like the human lead generators of yesteryears, they remain essential to the process of lead nurturing. They deliver information about key events and promotions that can pique prospects’ interest. They ask questions and present answers with nuances that only humans can offer. That said, best practices in this area should place emphasis on knowledge, politeness, and adequate ability to deliver information and answer inquiries properly.

Advancement in marketing technologies has expanded the means by which leads can be generated, nurtured, and converted. Familiarizing oneself with the best practices in each area and putting them to practice are among the best ways to harness the best outcomes for the brand.

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