LeadsCon 2014: Mobile Panel Primer

By JT BentonAugust 5, 2014

You guys!  LeadsCon East is now less than two weeks away.  If you make your living as a performance marketer, you surely know that this is a must-attend event.  This year’s no exception – I’m looking forward to being there with our industry’s thought leaders and innovators.  (The parties are pretty rad, too.)

I look forward to these events every year, but this one’s special.  This year, I’m honored to be leading a discussion around mobile’s expanding role in our ecosystem.  So, I’m stoked.  Some will recognize that this isn’t exactly a new topic for me; I’ve been mobile jargon-ing at LeadsCon for a few years, now.   In 2012, I spoke at the Buyer’s Summit about mobile-driven phone calls as a more aligned way for marketers and consumers to win, together.  Later that year, in New York, I joined a panel discussing emerging technologies helping to drive mobile’s adoption in the lead generation ecosystem.  In 2013, I hosted a big-stage discussion around the concept of inquiry marketing at the publisher and ad-network level.  These have all been fun, iterative glances into our industry’s innovation.

This year, I expect the best mobile discussion to date; we’ve got an impreessive group of experts joining us.  Keith Moore, CEO of Coverhound Insurance, will be with us.  If you’ve followed the expansion of mobile advertising within our space, you know that auto insurance providers have largely led the effort.  Keith’s innovation at Coverhound has always been on the bleeding edge, and includes a full-funnel mobile strategy – he’ll definitely have some important insights to share.  Greg O’Brien from Quinstreet will be with us, as well.  Greg’s background is ideally-suited to an important topic within our community: student recruitment in emerging media.  I’m thrilled to have him joining us.  Finally, Millenial Media’s Ted McNulty will be with us.  This discussion aims to frame the mobile opportunity for performance marketers, we could not ask for a better contributor on that topic than Millenial Media.

We’ve got 45 minutes to cover an exciting and important topic, so we’re going to move fast. Expect a spirited, fun session.  I can’t wait.


Panel Details:

Tracking Mobile’s Performance: A Comprehensive Look at Lead Generation on Mobile Devices
Room: Broadway Ballroom North, 6th Floor

For years, mobile’s movement to the forefront of digital media has been well-documented. Brands saw the booming audience growth, first, and sprinted to secure inventory from Publishers and App Developers. Ad networks, DSPs, SSPs, and other media and technology businesses were born. Very quickly, a robust and thriving ecosystem has formed. But many performance marketers have been slow to follow the progress. Connecting with the mobile audience while meeting performance expectations has proven challenging for many in our community. Join us as we lean on mobile leaders for important thought leadership in aligning mobile advertising with performance.

Key Takeaways:
• Learn how ‘Mobile-First’ and ‘Mobile-Only’ companies drive user and customer acquisition
• Hear best practices from publishers, ad networks, enabling technologies and direct response brands
• Get real, meaningful insights on how to do better when buying mobile media
• Learn conversion-boosting tricks from industry pros


JT Benton, Performance Marketing Thought Leader, JTBenton
Ted McNulty, Senior Director of Performance Sales, Millennial Media
Keith Moore, CEO, CoverHound, Inc.
Greg O'Brien, Senior VP, QuinStreet

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