LeadsCon 2015 Recap

By Frank HealyMarch 16, 2015

Every year, LeadsCon brings people and companies together to attend the premier lead generation conference. Hosted in Las Vegas with more than 3,000 attendees, LeadsCon provides unlimited opportunities to network and connect with the best in the industry, and Higher Ed Growth (HEG) was among them.

HEG had the pleasure of attending and sponsoring the event, and its team members were active throughout the conference that represents the future of lead generation. As the show came to an end, HEG was excited to return and share the latest in trends and discussions that were highlighted throughout the conference. 

The industry continues to focus on the latest within accountability, compliance and technology, but the future is in consolidating partnerships based on common goals. The team at Higher Ed Growth enjoyed an overall informative and productive show, and is looking forward to next year’s conference.


Strategic Partnerships

In the past, relationships between clients and vendors were focused solely on buying and selling leads. This has shifted in recent years as companies, lead generators and service providers work closer together. These connections are creating strategic partnerships built on trust, transparency and shared goals. Finding a balanced, open partnership can increasingly improve your company’s overall performance.

Eric Flottmann, our CFO appreciated the collaborations he experienced while attending the conference: “I am excited to see this trend continue, because it elevates the work we do as a company and as an industry. One thing I noticed is a new spirit of cooperation among the various organizations that operate in lead generation in general and in higher education specifically.”


Quality & Compliance

Within the lead generation industry, compliance will continue to be a priority. In response to increased standards, companies have shifted to focus more on quality over quantity. To succeed today, vendors must work smarter and more efficiently. In 2014 for example, fewer prospects were generated overall but at a higher average price point and with better conversions.

Meghan Prudencio, director of media, explains, “Lead generation companies care more than ever about providing quality inquiries to their clients. They are eager to learn what methods convert, what data sources perform and what traits valuable prospects share.” The companies that are pushing for more data and optimizing accordingly are seeing improvements in revenue, conversions and reputation.



Technological advances are constant in the lead generation industry as companies adapt the way they reach and communicate with prospects. This continuous improvement is vital to remaining competitive. At LeadsCon, there was an increased focus on discovering the best-in-class technologies that companies had to offer. 

Kolin Porter, director of product innovation said, “Schools, aggregators and vendors were all searching for technology solutions in order to improve the quality of their products and services.” During LeadsCon, Porter shared HEG’s new proprietary products that their clients and partners will be able to leverage in order to facilitate a more efficient and compliant inquiry generation process.      

The industry continues to focus on the latest within accountability, compliance and technology, but the future is in consolidating partnerships based on common goals. The team at HEG enjoyed an overall informative and productive show and is looking forward to next year’s conference.  

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