LeadsCon exhibition hall turns into a pub crawl

By Shahnaz MahmudAugust 14, 2014

The LeadsCon NY exhibition hall turned into a pub crawl when the clock struck 5 p.m. at the end of the first day of the conference. The main conference rooms were already a ghost town by that time, with LeadsCon attendees kicking back cold beers on tap in several areas of the hall. The mood was festive with lots of chatter among attendees and exhibitors. Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn IPA, Brooklyn Summer Ale and Brooklyn Brown Ale were flowing aplenty, bartenders pulling back the long taps just like at your favorite corner pub. Pretzels and peanuts on candle-lit tables added to that beer hall aura. But light appetizers, such as sliders and Brie cheese, were also being passed around as the day’s sessions turned into a fun-filled affair.

There are 112 exhibitors in all at this year’s LeadsCon, all welcoming as usual, featuring companies such as Citrix with its video conferencing, We Speak Insurance, which links the mobile insurance shopping population with insurance advertisers via click-to-call and Latin-Pak, direct marketing companies specializing in advertising to ethnicities and special interest groups nationwide. Product categories include agency services, lead generation, marketing technology, mobile marketing and more. Attendees wandered the stalls, which were filled with company literature and parting (read: enticing) gifts, among them funky red sunglasses (black ones, too) and tried-and-true pens. Others opted for wacky games, such as a spinning wheel offering prizes. But the beer provided the added oomph to draw the crowds.

While the pub crawl was an inventive idea, the underlying importance of networking, indeed the fine art of it, was not lost on attendees. Vivian noted that that it was a good way to network while Becky said it was a clever tactic to get conference-goers down to the exhibition hall. Erin added, who doesn’t love a good pub crawl?

Ron Perlstein of InfoWorx Direct, while not a beer aficionado, conceded that the Summer Ale he was sipping was actually quite good. But he emphasized his intentions in staying through the event after a long day of panel discussions. A first-time LeadsCon attendee, Perlstein said he is “trying to open up new channels and find buyers or sellers who would like to do the same for traditional radio and TV.” And why not do that over a perfectly frothy and chilled beer?

John Holt of LotLinx also commented on the strategy: “The pub crawl is definitely a good way to keep people where the exhibitors are,” he said. “Having local brew and local food is a very good idea. It’s more relaxed than wine and cocktails.”

Cheers to that.

This article is brought to you by LeadsCon New York.

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