LeadsCon Las Vegas Recap: 3 Key Lead Gen Conversations

By Eric FlottmannApril 11, 2016

The best in performance marketing recently came together in Las Vegas for LeadsCon 2016. As a proud sponsor for many years, one of the first things the Higher Ed Growth team noticed was a definite uptick in attendance. This says a few things: Lead generation is displaying marked growth, and the conversations surrounding the industry are becoming even more important.

With changing legislation adding pressure and driving new trends, industry needs are evolving to meet compliance regulations and end-user expectations. Drawing from the keynotes and speaking with conference-goers, here are three key conversations circulating LeadsCon this year.

1. Quality Short-Form Data
It is becoming increasingly difficult to find opt-in short-form data that converts quality leads and meets TCPA compliance. TCPA violations come with stiff penalties, and bad leads can quickly become million-dollar mistakes. For this reason, industry experts at LeadsCon revealed more and more advertisers are opting to produce their own leads, rather than purchase from a vendor. While this may be more work on their part, these organizations get the added benefit of visibility into their lead gen activities while ensuring that they are only contacting high-intent, qualified leads. From initial contact to conversion, this information can also make companies more nimble, strategic and responsive.

Overall, this new short-form data strategy is helping companies decrease their risk, ensure quality leads and protect their brand in the eyes of consumers.

2. Detailed Reporting & Analysis
With the advent of big data and new tools, organizations have access to more information than ever before. The problem? Many are finding it difficult to draw actionable insights. In order to properly optimize campaigns, advertisers need a clear understanding of:

  • Conversions
  • Delivery
  • Call quality
  • Data sources
  • Other trends

This information can point to where website visitors stand in the buyers journey and help advertisers better understand intent. Predictive analysis is one big data trend that has proven helpful in moving consumers through the marketing funnel. This strategy means marketers can forecast an audience’s future needs and extract more value out of every lead.

3. Compliance-Driven Marketing
Compliance is driving lead buyers and sellers to provide unprecedented levels of transparency and shift to meet new marketing standards. In addition, lead gen marketers are at the ready to adapt to legislation changes and meet new regulations for their own organizations and partners. As such, this was certainly one of the biggest conversations surrounding the conference.

One way the industry is addressing compliance is through a newly formed LeadsCouncil Advisory Board. The board, including HEG’s CMO Joe Laskowski, is adding a voice to Washington D.C. These industry leaders are helping establish standards for quality, compliance and transparency and aim to impact upcoming legislation. They detailed their work in a LeadsCon forum and advised attendees on how to stay ahead of the compliance curve.

With growing attendance and even bigger technology trends and implications, this was the most impactful LeadsCon event yet. In addition to new strategies for stronger, data-driven lead campaigns, the industry is walking away with a better understanding of what’s to come and how to address this changing market. 

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