LeadsCon Las Vegas Snapshot: Disrupting the Middle Man

By Jeff SmedsrudFebruary 4, 2015

Take a moment to think back to your childhood. Do you remember an occasion when an insurance agent came to your house, and sat at the family kitchen table with one or both of your parents, walking them through paperwork page by page? Even if this isn’t an easy memory to recall, it was the necessary process to purchase health and auto insurance until not that long ago.

There is a massive shift in the way health insurance is being bought and sold, and an even larger expansion in the size and complexity of the market. On March 3 at LeadsCon Las Vegas, a panel lead by HealthCare.com will explore the ways to capitalize on the mega trends, and share examples from executive leaders in other industries that have undergone similar change. 

In any industry, leading begins with understanding. We will get perspectives from Jeff Boyd, Chairman of The Priceline Group, a visionary leader that helped transform travel, tourism and leisure, through companies like Bookings.comKayak.com, and OpenTable.com. And we will hear first hand from an early market innovator of Kayak.com, Brian Harniman, and from David Graf, of AutoInsurance.com, that has a game changing partnership with Walmart.

There is a coming retailization of health insurance. It is not one market, but many. Most of the attention has focused on the 40+ million Americans who were uninsured, along with the 12-14 million that historically bought individual health insurance, and they are now joined by some 25 million employees of businesses who are shopping online through private exchanges, sometimes company-sponsored, sometimes not. Experts suggest more than 8 of 10 these consumers have no prior health insurance shopping experience. What are the right messages to reach them, and the best venues? In what ways is the shift that took place in travel and tourism similar to what is beginning to happen in health insurance? Is the movement in auto insurance from less than 20% written by direct carriers to nearly 75% indicative of what is to come for health insurance marketers? Or are there subtle differences that insulate healthcare purchases from these market-driven forces?

Find out what you need to know to grow in the marketplace on March 3, when Jeff Boyd, Chairman of The Priceline Group, joins me and other travel and auto online marketers who have ridden the tide of transition from a traditional model to a direct to consumer model. It should be a productive and informative presentation. 

The End of the Middle Man? Strategy Lessons from Industries that Transitioned To Direct, Consumer-Driven Markets will be held March 3, beginning at 10:45 am in Grand Ballroom AF.

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