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The Infinite Funnel: Untangling the Messy Web of Modern Consumer Journeys

Rapid increases in technology and access to information have made consumers more curious, demanding, and impatient than ever. And boy what a mess this has made for marketers. Shopping and purchase behavior used to follow a neat and predictable linear flow. But now consumers move along a seemingly infinite array of purchase paths, resembling more a tangled web than any traditional marketing funnel. This change has been rapid, and is only becoming more complex. We’ll talk about what this means for lead gen marketing and how savvy marketers can ensure they continue to connect with consumers in all the moments that matter.


Entitled Consumers Are a Threat to Your Business –Unless You Make Them an Opportunity

Today’s consumers have unreasonable expectations of your brand. They expect you to know everything about them—who they are, what they want and why—and to deliver it at the exact moment they need it. But ad saturation, irrelevant messages and inbox clutter make them resent everything marketers do. Your only path to success is to meet those unreasonable expectations. But, engaging with these entitled consumers demands a new strategy, and whether you call it customer-centricity, customer experience, consumer-first marketing or some other buzzword, one thing is certain—traditional approaches just won’t cut it. Learn from Dave Frankland, author of “Marketing to the Entitled Consumer” about the different dimensions and segments of entitled consumers, how to engage with them and how to turn their unreasonable expectations into lasting relationships.


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