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Monday | March 4

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
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360 Degree Marketing Optimization Workshop: Actionable Tips, Tricks and Tactics on Social, Email, Search, and More!

Room: Grand Ballroom BC
If you are looking for actionable ideas to optimize your marketing efforts across a variety of channels, this is the perfect workshop for you. Bring your laptops and be ready learn! This fast-paced training will cover a wide range of topics with specific and actionable ideas and insights to make your campaigns work harder for you.

The training will spend 15-30 minutes showing actionable tactics, tips and powerful examples of great marketing across more than 10 different areas including (but not limited to):
    Email Marketing
    Google Analytics
    Direct Mail
    Landing Page Optimization
    Chat & Chatbots
    Competitive Intelligence
    Resources & Tools

What You Will Learn in Each Topic Area
Over the 4 hours, attendees will come away with:  

    Actionable tactics and tips from basic to advanced to help make your campaigns more effective
    Specific examples of great marketing   
    Tools and resources you can use to learn and improve your campaigns
Attendees will receive all materials at the end of the training.
Who Should Attend
Anyone from beginner to advanced who wants to improve the performance of their marketing. The fast pace and large volume of topics covered mean that whether you are a solo marketer or have a 20-person marketing team, you will find real value in this training.
How Do I Sign Up?
For more details on registering for the workshop, please register for LeadsCon here and select the
Conference Plus pass option.

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8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
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Advanced Email Workshop: Best Practices + Behavioral Science

Room: Grand Ballroom G
Don’t send another email before you discover the secrets in this new workshop! With email campaigns at the foundation of so many marketing programs, it’s critical we get them right. In fact, the difference in response can be exponential. Now you can generate the maximum return from your email campaigns when you do two things:

1. Apply the best practices proven to work TODAY – with target audiences who insist on multitasking and who read most email on mobile phones.

2. Add the extra advantage found ONLY in behavioral science – the study of how people really make decisions, including what to read, who to trust and when to buy.

What You Will Learn 
With the current best practices, you have only half of today’s success equation. Combine them with the emerging discipline of behavioral science and suddenly you wield a significant advantage over your competition.

In this fast-paced, example-jammed session, you’ll gain all you need to know to fine tune your email campaigns so they deliver increased engagement and response. And every tip, technique and tactic is proven in market and backed by the latest scientific research.

Imagine how much more powerful your emails will be when you possess these 10 takeaways (and many other workshop secrets):

• What subject line words get your emails opened automatically 
• The one thing every successful email must include
• 7 segmentation approaches -- and which is best for you
• What single addition lifts email opening rates by 23%
• 3 sure-fire secrets to compelling calls to action
• 5 quick tips to make your e-newsletter irresistible
• What surprising landing page edit increases conversions by 52%
• 2 scientifically proven ways to craft your message for fast response
• How to use Social Proof, Framing, Loss Aversion and numerous other behavioral science principles to automatically increase your open, read and click through rates 

Plus you’ll see lots of examples of real emails from a variety of verticals, both B2B and B2C.

Take just 4 hours and come away with tactics that provide a competitive advantage for the entire year – without the need to increase your budget or change your tech stack. Discover exactly how to get people to do what you want them to when they see your email.

Who Should Attend
If you want to know what works now – and how to easily add it to your email campaigns, this is the workshop for you. You’ll find out how to adjust your strategic approach to connect with today’s audiences. You’ll see practical, actionable ways to optimize your copy and design. And you’ll discover 9 insanely effective techniques that add the power of behavior science to your email. 

Take advantage of all this best-of-breed information. Plus gain NEW ways to increase engagement and response with behavioral science. Decide to advance your email marketing today!

How Do I Sign Up?
For more details on registering for the workshop, please register for LeadsCon here and select the Conference Plus pass option.

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8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
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Partnership Marketing Workshop: Finding, Building and Scaling Strategic Partnerships

Room: Grand Ballroom DE
The Strategic Partnership Workshop is all about helping businesses grow through deeply-integrated, highly aligned partnership programs. Led by WorkBook6, this workshop will attract CEOs, CMOs and Business Development professionals from top US brands, publishers and membership groups across the customer acquisition and retention ecosystem. We’ll also feature important perspectives from non-traditional speakers, such as finance leaders and affinity/membership group stakeholders. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn to build and scale more revenue impacting partnerships.

Why is This Content Critical at LeadsCon?
As digital marketing has grown more and more competitive, the pressures on brands, publishers and lead sellers have become very material. Today, nearly every programmatic channel for customer acquisition relies on a competitive, bid-based format that forces brands to compete with their most desperate or well-funded competition. Lead sellers, too, must adjust to remain profitable, driving component costs of customer acquisition up. Meanwhile, customer loyalty has begun to suffer as consumers, ever aware of price-driven marketing programs, begin to switch more frequently.

Rapidly escalating costs. Declining lifetime values. For many, a unit economic crisis is either fast approaching or already upon us. Strategic partnerships represent much needed relief. Forging partnerships can deliver the growth and economic outcomes we’re all seeking more of.

What You Will Learn
This workshop will frame the challenges facing today’s marketers and provide real, actionable paths to profitable growth. Attendees will hear from business leaders who have successfully implemented strategic partnerships in their businesses and participate in breakout sessions led by top CEOs/COOs, CROs and SVPs from marketing and business development disciplines. 

Unit Economic Spotlight: Achieving Better Commercial Outcomes Through Partnership
As the competition for customer attention has escalated, many brands have found their financial performance has suffered. Rising costs of acquisition are the more commonly understood concern, but declining customer loyalty has a similar impact on lifetime value. This frames the ‘digital dilemma,’ and also creates a stage for Strategic Partnerships to shine. This session is intended to be a discussion between finance and business development – live and in person.

Partnership Stages Focused Breakouts
Three well-recognized leaders whose responsibilities fall into one of the following key partnership stages: program strategy, prospecting and partner management will each conduct a focused breakout session with a subset of the audience (attendees will select the topic that best fits their interests). At the end, each group will come back with each leader representing his/her breakout group in a panel format.

Group Mentality: How to Add Value and Gain Market Share through Group Partnerships
Google pits you up against your most desperate or well-funded competitor—so does Facebook. Lead sellers run on bid models, too. To buy access to consumers within the lead generation ecosystem, you’ve got to join the fray. But what if the trade currency wasn’t what you’re willing to spend on a click, lead or call, but rather how you would support the customer? Partnerships with membership groups and associations -- as well as brand-sponsored perks programs -- let marketers focus on adding value to the customer and the group, rather than the lead source. This session explores this value further, involving key leaders from the group and membership space.

Key Takeaways
Attendees will walk away with a greater understanding of:
1.    How partnerships can impact your business’s bottom line.
2.    How to structure and launch a partnership marketing strategy.
3.    What to look for in a potential partnership opportunity. 
4.    How to best launch new partnerships and ensure success, early on.
5.    What to do to scale your best partnerships and create win-win-win scenarios that support you, your partner and the customer.
6.    How to stay true to your brand while supporting your partners.
7.    What presenters and other attendees are looking for from a partnership perspective.
8.    Real, actionable opportunities to partner with leading firms, now.

Who Should Attend
This workshop is for anyone who works to impact their business’s customer acquisition, retention and/or revenue growth. If you touch customer acquisition, retention or monetization, this workshop is for you. And if you represent a membership group or association, this workshop presents “can’t miss” content.

How Do I Sign Up?
For more details on registering for the workshop, please register for LeadsCon here and select the Conference Plus pass option.

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