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Monday | March 5

9:00 AM – 9:40 AM
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Partnership Marketing Workshop Session 2: From Likes to Leads--Leveraging Facebook Lead Ads for Customer Acquisition

Room: Champagne 3 & 4
Facebook changed the way companies reach and engage customers. Like, forever. This isn’t just true for awareness and branding efforts; Facebook’s lead ads product has also helped many direct response brands win big. Join Sona Parikh from Facebook and Active Prospect CEO Steve Rafferty for an overview the lead ads product and a deep dive into how brands and agencies are profitably deploying it. This session will cover not only the medium, but also technology components which help marketers get the most out of their investment. We will also include key advertiser insights. This first-party knowledge and best practice content will help ease the learning curve for those new to this product as well as provide new perspectives for anyone already active in the channel.

Tuesday | March 6

9:05 AM – 9:50 AM
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Keynote: Using People-Based Measurement for Real Business Outcomes with Manish Gupta, Facebook

Room: Concorde Ballrooms B & C
Marketers are dealing with increasing complexity around creative, platforms, metrics and cross-device measurement. Proxy metrics can lead marketers astray and away from real business outcomes. In this session, Manish Gupta will share how marketers can measure better using ‘people-based’ measurement and how to use first and third-party tools to measure across the funnel against Audience, Brand and Sales outcomes.