LeadsCouncil Awards Voting Now Open!

By Michael FerreeJanuary 6, 2016

Every year, the LeadsCouncil looks to recognize companies and individuals who are pushing the industry forward in a meaningful way. We do this through two separate awards processes, the LEADER Awards and the Executive of the Year Award.

The lead generation industry continues to grow at a rapid pace and, subsequently, it becomes more and more difficult to determine which companies are truly delivering quality products or services. The LEADER Awards attempts to recognize companies that are doing just that. Each year, the LeadsCouncil asks industry participants to vote for companies within their designated vertical (Mortgage, Education, or Insurance) that are helping their company grow. This voting process, similar to the “Peoples Choice Awards”, results in a list of companies that people may not have otherwise know about and that are providing products or services that are more than satisfactory to their industry peers.

Voting is taking place right now and we want your opinions! The list will not be made public—only participants of the survey and LeadsCouncil members will receive a complete list of the winners. Voting ends January 31st.

Place your vote now

In addition to recognizing companies through the LEADER Awards, we also like to recognize individuals who are making an impact in the lead generation industry. This individual could be a person who is making efforts to improve the industry or who is showing exceptional leadership within their company and providing excellent services to their clients.

The process requires that nominees be submitted to the LeadsCouncil by January 31st. Once the nominees are received, LeadsCouncil members will vote on the final winner. This special individual will be announced on the main stage at LeadsCon Las Vegas in March 2016 and give an award for their excellent service.

If you know of a person that should be recognized for the Executive of the Year Award, please submit the nomination on the LeadsCouncil.com link below.

Nominate a person for the Executive of the Year Award

For any questions, please contact us at the LeadsCouncil here.

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