LeadsPedia touts ‘vertical agnostic’ marketing automation software

By John EganAugust 20, 2014

You’ve heard of Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. Now, welcome to LeadsPedia, a startup that develops and sells performance marketing software. What do Wikipedia and LeadsPedia have in common? Both seek to serve broad audiences.

“The nice thing about our platform is it’s vertical agnostic,” Karl Norelius, vice president of sales at LeadsPedia, said during an interview at LeadsCon New York.

Thanks to LeadsPedia’s agnostic nature, any advertiser, publisher, lead generator or lead buyer can buy the startup’s software to monitor the effectiveness of their performance marketing efforts, Norelius said. LeadsPedia declines to name any of its customers but does say that they include businesses in the legal, financial services, health care and education sectors.

Mohammad AlKandari, president and chief technology officer at LeadsPedia, has experience in two of those industries: health care and education. He previously was director of IT at Medicare.com, senior software engineer at Simplex Healthcare and a software engineer at Grand Canyon University and Kuwait University, according to his LinkedIn profile.

AlKandari said LeadsPedia’s software aims to improve automation in the performance marketing arena. LeadsPedia’s technology enables any business to set up a performance marketing campaign much quicker than with competing products, he said.

“There is very, very minimal work,” AlKandari said. “It saves you time and energy.”

How does it accomplish that? By combining three performance marketing automation features in one low-maintenance package:

  • Affiliate management and tracking.
  • Lead distribution and management.
  • Call tracking and call routing.

A user of LeadsPedia’s software can pull up any number of reports through a single interface, Norelius said.

It appears that a lot of marketers are clamoring for simplicity like that in automation.

“Measuring marketing performance and looking ahead in the sales pipeline are the biggest areas of pain for modern marketers,” according to Heinz Marketing. “Marketing automation platforms aren’t meeting client expectations with metrics and reporting.”

That’s the sort of sentiment that LeadsPedia’s platform is designed to erase.

Many LeadsCon attendees probably hadn’t heard of Franklin, Tennessee-based LeadsPedia before coming to the conference. But many of them probably will leave knowing the name: Thanks to LeadsPedia’s LeadsCon sponsorship, conference attendees must type the password “leadspedia” to access free Wi-Fi service. As a result, 80 percent of LeadsCon attendees are visiting the startup’s website, according to AlKandari.

LeadsPedia’s name recognition is bound to be beneficial as it continues to wade into a growing sector. Research firm IDC predicts the marketing automation sector will climb from $3.2 billion in 2010 to $4.8 billion in 2015. Research firm SiriusDecisions says adoption of marketing automation is increasing by 22 percent a year, according to Advertising Age.

In reporting on SiriusDecisions’ recent study on marketing automation, Advertising Age noted that marketing automation companies — like LeadsPedia — “have a great deal of room to grow.”

“There’s tremendous opportunity there,” Jay Famico, technology practice director at SiriusDecisions, told Advertising Age.


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