Looking for Leads in All the Wrong Places? Take Action With AWL

By aiwpadminJanuary 23, 2017

By Kieran Kern.

Where do you turn when your leads are cold and your funnel is echoing? You look to put your money where the high intent leads are. In the insurance industry, successful independent agents, brokers and carriers get their leads and calls from All Web Leads (AWL).

Based in Austin, Texas, this premier customer acquisition marketing firm focuses on the insurance industry by providing their marketing tech and services platform based on a "closed-loop" architecture. The AWL platform incorporates data, analytics and real-time automated decision making to optimize performance across the entire consumer life cycle, enabling them to attract, engage and qualify prospects. These prospects span all types of insurance leads: business benefits, business property and casualty, home, health, auto, disability, life, annuity and more. These components all come together with the purpose of helping their customers (insurance agents, brokers and carriers) get more customers.

With one of the lowest shared lead caps in the industry and a suite of Premium Lead products, AWL enables contact and close rates that are proven to outperform industry averages. They connect with high-intent consumers through channels including search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), email, display advertising and social media marketing.

AWL attracts consumers with intent to purchase because they offer a comparison shopping experience that generates multiple quotes on demand. Their advanced CAM technology distributes leads and calls based on agent-created profiles that identify their targeted consumer market and marketing budgets.

Agents authenticate consumers’ contact information, their quote request and their intention to speak with an agent regarding the quote through tens of thousands calls to consumers made at their 250-plus person call center in Texas every day. These consumers can even be reached while they’re still sitting at their computer. After they are qualified, the calls are transferred to their clients based on geographical targets such as ZIP code, radius, county, area code and state with the option of being filtered by lifestyle and demographics.

President and CEO Bill Daniel notes that being a LeadsCon sponsor means they get to connect with the right audience with the right scale for AWL. “We’ve grown our partner network and our customer base both from our involvement in LeadsCon,” he explains.

Daniel further explains that LeadsCon facilitates the efficient and effective coming together of all parts of the customer acquisition marketing landscape: partners, service providers and customers. He notes that LeadsCon is a great opportunity for anyone looking to come away with actionable insights they can apply to their businesses.

For Daniels, one of the best parts of LeadsCon is connecting with the attendees, sponsors and speakers. He will have the opportunity to further those connections at his session “Next-Level Lead Generation: How to Make Customer Acquisition Marketing Work for You.” He’ll share the secrets to optimizing each phase of the sales funnel and accelerating the sales process to maximize the number of interested consumers delivered at every phase of the decision-making process through the right combination of data leads, live transfers and support for quoting and binding that will generate more closed policies every day.

Click here to register for LeadsCon Las Vegas 2017.

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