Managing leads from acquisition to closing

By Michael FosterAugust 3, 2014

Getting leads is the first step in a long process, but the real magic happens long after those leads have been acquired and the sales force starts going through them to separate quality from dross. How do the best salespeople manage their leads to raise closing rates and boost sales?

There’s no one right answer, and even if there were, technology would change the right answer shortly after you mastered it. The real trick is to examine all of the best practices in the market and identify what tips and tricks will work best for you and your sales team.

This is the topic of one session at this year’s LeadsCon in New York City, where speakers will discuss leveraging leads and engaging customers in an all-connected digital world. In the session “From Lead Inquiry to Customer Engagement: What Really Happens Post-Click and Post-Call?,” speakers from some of the masters in lead generation marketing and sales will discuss exactly how the best closers use their leads and work the funnel from beginning to end.

The session’s panelists include Matt Booth, CEO of Connectivity, Fred Frantz, director of Affiliate and Aggregation Management at Gragg Advertising, and Dale Leatherwood, managing director at Sparkroom. Each has dedicated their careers to analyzing exactly how sales people can optimize the funnel by improving customer interactions and optimizing touch points to boost sales.

Connectivity works with a number of small business clients on one simple task: getting smarter about customer interactions. Their approach revolves around understanding customers in every possible way. This is key because you need to approach your customers in a manner that resonates with them or they will shut the conversation down before it’s really started. This means getting to know who your customers are, how they think about you and your business and what actions they expect from the sales side to close the sale.

Gragg Advertising is a direct response specialist agency that has expertise in SEO, SEM, social media and all things digital. In this increasingly cross-platform marketing world, Gragg has been able to incorporate digital marketing and offline marketing strategies. Their focus is on integration. By understanding how a media strategy involves various touch points, Gragg is all about producing the highest quality leads that will make the post-lead acquisition process of closing all that much easier.

Dale Leatherwood’s company, Sparkroom, is a performance marketing expert who has focused on the higher education vertical with both agency-oriented and technology-oriented solutions that fit higher education marketers and their unique needs. Sparkroom has spent years in PPC, email, SEO and social marketing to discover what strategies work best for targeting a specific and narrow audience in an increasingly connected and crowded media world.

At this year’s LeadsCon, these speakers bring together the perspectives of vertical specialization, cross-platform integration and high-touch marketing to bear on the questions that matter to lead generation marketing. Each will discuss the pros and cons of the most popular marketing strategies, as well as future trends in post-acquisition customer relations. Their session lasts 45 minutes and will begin Friday, Aug. 15 at 9 a.m.


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