Martin Lind Talks About Velocify’s Founding Sponsorship of LeadsCon

By Shahnaz MahmudAugust 5, 2015

When asked whether Velocify is a first-time sponsor of LeadsCon, Martin Lind, director of Business Development, tells me that, in fact, the company is one of the performance and lead generation conference’s founding sponsors. As LeadsCon is celebrating its seventh year, Velocify is right alongside it and between New York and Las Vegas events is sponsoring its 14th show.

Lind will be speaking at the upcoming LeadsCon New York conference at The New York Hilton Midtown August 24-26. His session is called "Customer Satisfaction: Will 2016 Be the Year Sales Gets the Memo on Customer Delight?"

Velocify provides cloud-based intelligent software that caters to "high velocity" sales environments. Its sales teams assists clients with improving conversions through rapid lead response. What began in a garage in Rancho Cucamonga, California, now houses 250 employees in Los Angeles, with 1500 clients spread across the US and English-speaking countries, including Australia and Canada. Its industries span technology, finance & mortgage, insurance, education, multifamily and solar, among others.

Lind, who has been with the company for five and a half years, runs the Education Group. His presentation supports the research Velocify carries out, based on client data it anonymizes which in turn its researchers analyze to “look for patterns in the noise” and cull best practices for the industry.

At LeadsCon, Lind will be presenting with one of their clients, mortgage company GuaranteedRate, on Net Promoter Score (NPS), a management tool that is used to gauge customer loyalty. “NPS says ‘look at your people — who like you — and subtract the people that don’t like you — and that’s your net promoter score,'” explains Lind. Companies, he says, using NPS are making more money. “The idea is don’t just do the right thing for the customers because it’s the right thing to do; it’s also the right thing to do for your bottom line.”

Velocify became a very active NPS “believer and implementer” about eight months ago. The actual presentation focuses on how to bring NPS all the way up to the sales process, as opposed to simply checking in at online customer service complaints and leaving it there. Velocify’s talk will include some of the quantitative aspects of NPS while GuaranteedRate will discuss how to implement and put it into action on the retail side of mortgages, says Lind.

On the floor at the show, Velocify will be launching a new product — a data-sharing opportunity it is conducting with its partners. Right now, lead providers typically sell their leads to a lead buyer. Here’s a case scenario: Let’s say the lead buyer is a mortgage company. A (potential) customer has filled out a form somewhere on a lead provider's site, such as, which in turn sells it to Bob’s Mortgage Company, who calls the customer and converts him to a closed loan. Meanwhile, LowerMyBills has no inkling of what happened. If LowerMyBills had information about what happened with the lead they sold to the mortgage company, they could make their leads better. Information such as location — say the customer searched for mortgages in Los Angeles — ups the ante in offering customers better quality results. Lind emphasizes that this is something Velocify has been doing ad hoc for years with its partners. Previously, results weren’t in real-time, and the process has been very labor-intensive and inefficient. So now that Velocify is automating it (and other parts of the process), partners will reap the just rewards.

What keeps bringing Velocify back to LeadsCon? One reason is the LeadsCouncil, and therefore LeadsCon as it created the conference does a great job of “making the industry cleaner and improving the representation of industry in the ecosystem,” says Lind.

And as the conference is rife with lead buyers, Lind throws down the gauntlet by stating: “We are the best software out there to convert leads.” The show, he adds, pays off every time in terms of its own lead generation.

What he hopes attendees will walk away with overall in the Velocify scope of things is a “feeling that we’re a very complete provider and vendor” within the ecosystem. Where his presentation is concerned, Lind says he wants conference-goers to come away with the sense that you can actually do well for your company by doing well for your customers.

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