You Might be Missing These 3 Essential Things on your Mobile Marketing Playbook

By Mike OnghaiApril 29, 2014

During the course of our site redesign, we learned that over 40% of users are on mobile. But we designed this two years ago, it should still be good right? While we enjoyed pretty good traffic, we had no excuses for our dismal bounce rate on mobile. We were driving our users away.

More and more customers are using smartphones to look up pricing, refill prescriptions and pave the way for the lazy web. Everything is just a tap away.

Even for a company like Google, the transforming world of mobile is still a tough nut to crack. The search giant recently reported that its customers are not converting so well on their sites. While the intention is to get users to tap on click-to-call ads, landing pages that go with it are often not optimized for the mobile web. The reality is, mobile is everybody’s business now.

Mobile browsers like Chrome and Safari continue to support richer experiences on a mobile device. But we’ve still got a lot of catching up to do. It’s going to be a combination of optimization, understanding user behavior and driving traffic to it.

Responsive or Bust

Unless you launched your website in the past year, your site is still designed to support desktop browsers. Some exceptions include redirecting users to a mobile version of the site. While this was great as a stop-gap, it’s time to pay attention and deliver an experience that’s intuitive to the user.

If you haven’t upgraded your site to a responsive framework, it’s time to do so. While 2013 was Responsive Design’s biggest year, a lot of site owners have yet to take steps in redesigning their sites. Google started recommending this as far back as 2012, as part of mobile SEO. Adapting front-end frameworks like Twitter’s Bootstrap of Zurb’s foundation is a good start. The good news is, a majority of premium mobile-responsive themes for WordPress, Magento and Drupal are available.

Focus on the Essential with Mobile Experiences

Customer behavior should shape content on your mobile responsive website. As a guideline, we’d like to make transactions fast (fewer fields to fill) and less tapping.

If you run a B2B business, you should focus on capturing email addresses that goes to your list. With responsive design, you can set your lead capture form at the top-most part of your site or right below your call to action. Local businesses (like Personal Care and Home Improvement stores) have more options, from putting a click -to-call functionality on the headers or having a minimalist appointment scheduler.

Mobile commerce remains to be tricky. Until technology companies come up with an alternative to credit card entry, then it should just do a better job in assisting conversions on your desktop. Some retailers have turned their mobile websites into roving wish lists, with email and retargeting taking it to the finish line.

Drive Meaningful Traffic

We are quite fortunate to have options in promoting our mobile website. CPC/PPC ads will always be a great way to capture intent, and delivers fantastic results when paired with thoughtful geotargeting and long tail keywords. Social mobile ads offered by Facebook and Twitter have outstanding ad formats, with one-click signups and mobile-specific calls to action. It also helps that social media apps has lots of traffic. We recommend that you use both in the process.

These three key strategies should keep you covered and put you on the safe zone. We start with a solid foundation with a responsive site, improve mobile experiences that’s great for conversion and ensure solid traffic going to your site.




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