Oracle Survey of Millennials: Push Notifications May Be Overkill–John Egan

By aiwpadminJuly 20, 2015

A warning to mobile marketers: For millennials, push notifications might be too pushy. A global survey for software giant Oracle found that 56 percent of millennials frown upon push notifications, and the same percentage of millennials rarely act on these notifications. Oracle defines millennials as being 18 to 34 years old.

“Ultimately, millennials want services that empower them to take control of the dynamic between themselves and a business or service provider,” Oracle says. “While proactive guidance from companies today is appreciated, it must be highly tailored and relevant to the needs of their customers.” Millennials’ attitude toward push notifications means businesses must avoid thinking of mobile channels only as marketing vehicles, Oracle says.

“From seeking expert advice from a product expert to being able to change their billing structure with a service provider, millennials see their mobile app[s] as resources that will better their lives and make them more productive wherever they are,” Oracle says. “Where companies will bring value to this generation is by developing apps that enable interactions through the entire service delivery process.”

The survey shows that the most common task completed via smartphone is uploading media content (75 percent). That’s followed by purchasing a product (74 percent), transferring money to a friend (61 percent) and researching or booking a trip (60 percent).

Other smartphone-app activities carried out by millennials:

  • Checking utility use (55 percent).
  • Managing a billing issue (55 percent).
  • Developing a new skill (51 percent).
  • Reviewing documents (48 percent).
  • Looking for or applying for a job (46 percent).
  • Booking a taxi (45 percent).
  • Booking an appointment (43 percent).
  • Flagging a service provider (42 percent).
  • Self-diagnosing an illness (42 percent).
  • Accessing a government service (41 percent).
  • Submitting work expenses (38 percent).

“Mobile is a way of life … among millennials. For organizations to truly engage with this generation, they will need to make mobility a core part of their business and the primary channel by which they engage with customers,” Oracle says. “The truth is that businesses will need not only the technology required to deliver robust and compelling mobile apps for all millennials’ devices, but also to adopt a modus operandi that prioritizes a mobile-first approach.”

According to the survey, 54 percent of millennials indicate that a poor mobile experience with a company would make them less likely to use any of its other products or services. Oracle says mobile apps now are “indispensable” to millennials. As such, businesses must rethink how they develop mobile apps to ensure they’re engaging for millennials, the company says.

“For millennials, mobile devices are at the very heart of how they interact with companies and with each other. Unless they can tap into how this generation actually uses these devices, then organizations will struggle to differentiate themselves in the era of all things digital,” Oracle says.

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