Phonexa Introduces Free Third-Party API Integrations

By aiwpadminAugust 13, 2018

By John Egan    

Phonexa, a provider of technology platforms for tracking web leads and call leads, is taking on third-party API integrations in a big way. Earlier this year, the Glendale, California-based company rolled out free third-party API integrations as a way to offer “more ethical treatment” of customers in the hypercompetitive marketing software industry.

“Any company that’s going through a full platform migration spends thousands of dollars on API integrations that are almost unavoidable. It’s gotten to the point where these costs aren’t even questioned,” says Phonexa’s president, David Gasparyan. “Our company believes in a seamless software integration process that shouldn’t cost clients a blinding amount of money and resources to obtain.”

According to Phonexa, a Gold sponsor at this year’s LeadsCon Connect to Convert in Boston, API integrations help businesses automatically process incoming and outgoing leads on a real-time basis. Phonexa’s API integrations sync with tools such as Google Ads, Google Analytics and Salesforce, as well as with in-house databases.

For companies seeking to upgrade their marketing software, API integrations can be a costly roadblock, Phonexa says. According to Phonexa executives, some software-as-a-service companies charge unavoidable fees for API integrations.

Without fees for API integrations, Phonexa can be even more client-focused, according to Gasparyan.

“Aside from hefty costs, which works against clients rather than for them, the ease of the integration is also a high priority for us,” he says. “Phonexa aims to eliminate all the hidden strings attached to integrations and allow clients to get started with their new systems immediately.”

By eliminating API integration fees, Phonexa says it’s enabling businesses to earmark more money for marketing and product development.

Today, APIs are growing in prevalence, with nearly 20,000 of them in existence as of August 2018, according to ProgrammableWeb’s API directory.

Forbes reported in 2017 that APIs are fueling the creation of new business models to help businesses gain a competitive edge.

“Customer needs are driving the most efficient API development programs. Having a strong focus on the customer and being accountable for how the API’s quality turns out is essential,” according to Forbes. “Customer-centric development is also forcing APIs to scale up faster, providing contextual intelligence and insight over completing simple tasks.”

In a recent survey by API integration platform Cloud Elements, 61 percent of respondents said API integration is a necessary business strategy.

“It’s no longer sufficient to offer a standalone, isolated product—developers must build flexible platforms that not only offer highly functional APIs, but also integrate seamlessly to the ecosystem of products and services used by their customers,” according to a Cloud Elements report. “APIs are the foundation for this network effect, and must continue to evolve to meet the expectations of developers. The role APIs and API-based integration need to play in creating a customer-centric platform is a key theme we discovered.”

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