Return on Investment: LeadsCon New York Focuses On Value

By aiwpadminSeptember 7, 2016

By Kieran O’Brien Kern.


One of the overarching themes at the recent LeadsCon New York 2016 involved throwing out that “paint roller” volume approach in favor of focusing on what delivers the most value.

Whether through email, text, or advertising, consumers expect to be highly targeted and engaged. By the time they click the click-to-call button or land on the landing page, the consumer is primed and ready to buy. This feat is accomplished by telling the most relatable story and making sure that story reaches its ideal audience where and when they are ready to purchase. Putting it in front of them at this ideal consumer crossroads delineates a message that delivers something they desire from a message that is an interruption in their day. An important component to accomplishing this task is determining the right mix of media by examining conversion rates from inquiry to application or sale.

Creating value that drives purchases requires imparting tangible knowledge to clients. They want to know exactly what they are paying for and exactly what the return on their investment will be. “Knowing what’s coming and then receiving exactly what they signed up for is what cements a customer to a brand,” shares Dr. Fred Frantz, executive vice president at Gragg Advertising. Another way to increase value to the customer is communicating through multiple channels including telephone, email, live chat and social media where they can both ask questions and give open, honest feedback that receives a prompt response.

With time and money spent on where and when to reach existing customers, how do you know who’ll remain loyal and buy again? Senior LexisNexis Product Manager Emily Fess encourages the use of predictive modeling to discern which leads are loyal, as well as which are profitable matches aligned with the risk profile of the company. “There are a lot of opportunities with digital marketing for third-party data to enable carriers to target people who have life events that lead to purchase,” she explains.

Within industries such as insurance, predictive modeling helps explain how often a carrier’s customers shop and how loyal they will be to their carrier. She reiterates the common theme that lead success is less about maximizing lead volume and more about matching the leads profile to the carrier/clients’ needs. “Aggregators need to provide quality over quantity,” Fess explains.

Another key value is connecting the customer to the sale where they live – which is often on their mobile device. Mobile has become a defining factor in how sales are made. Individuals have the power to search right in the palms of their hands and 70 percent of mobile searchers have used the “call button.” Mobile search and TCPA-compliant web click-to-call ad campaigns for products or services lessen the time between search and sale. Using appropriate qualifying questions to screen opportunities supplies sales teams not just with leads but with warm, qualified calls that match their criteria. However, especially in the mobile industry, the rules and regulations are evolving quickly, which means that while staying ahead of the curve is crucial, it can also be tricky for lead generation companies to remain compliant.

The lead generation landscape is ever changing and shifting. Gone are the days of one-size fits all. With all of the media and vendor choices available to consumers, the critical thing clients and their consumers look for is value. LeadsCon New York 2016 attendees came out of the event understanding that value is knowing what the consumer wants, where they want it and responding to them when they reach out.

LeadsCon Las Vegas will dig even deeper into the definition of what qualifies as a lead and examine the future of the industry as businesses continue finding new ways to attract customers. The event will take place March 20-22, 2017, at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.



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