Sparkroom: Innovation to Enhance Performance is Key

By aiwpadminMarch 9, 2017

by Shahnaz Mahmud   

Sparkroom is now in its third year of LeadsCon sponsorship. That includes the upcoming LeadsCon Las Vegas conference this month. Kathy Bryan, Vice President of Corporate Marketing & Communications, shared her insight into Sparkroom and its perspective on the industry within the current landscape.


Sparkroom is a full-service agency that focuses on boosting enrollment volume for higher education institutions. Its core areas of business are enrollment marketing, performance marketing technology and management solutions. Sparkroom’s focus, more than in the past, is to work with schools more broadly and holistically. Part of that is done through access Sparkroom has built to global intelligence and insights via its technology with particular emphasis on aggregated performance data.


“We are currently working with a number of schools to rethink their brands and redesign their websites, boosting the user experience, search engine rankings and conversion performance in the process,” says Bryan. “We’re also helping institutions integrate and synchronize their enrollment management systems to be more efficient and better able to compete in the online environment.”


This spring, Sparkroom is introducing a cross-channel attribution dashboard into its performance marketing technology. The dashboard will help marketers “connect all of the dots” throughout the life cycle of a prospective customer, from impression to conversion and beyond, says Bryan. “But it’s not just going to be tracking last-click attribution, which can be limiting and lead to poor optimization practices. The new cross-channel attribution solution within Sparkroom technology will allow marketers to evaluate and analyze holistic, multi-touch, multichannel attribution paths to understand what efforts are most effective in lifting the performance of the holistic marketing campaign.”


The goal is for marketers to be able to formulate and execute more efficient campaigns that focus on the channels that deliver the greatest impact to the final milestones.


Bryan makes the point that innovation focused on enhancing performance is key. “That’s why we’re putting so much effort into our new cross-channel attribution dashboard,” she adds. “It will help marketers better visualize and evaluate holistic campaign performance. And it will help marketers quickly assess and optimize new channels and tactics for years to come.”


One of the big draws for LeadsCon, says Bryan, is the innovation that happens there, which resonates richly with what the company emphasizes. “When you bring together so many leaders [doing new and inventive things], there’s great opportunity to take relationships and business to the next level,” she adds.


In addition to the company’s sponsorship of LeadsCon, several Sparkroom representatives will be presenting a session, “The Latest Higher Ed Inquiry Generation Trends & How They Impact You.”


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